How To Borrow Data Bundles On Glo & Call At Cheap Rates

Have you heard of the new product which was launched some days ago? Yea you might not know this one, it called “Glo Borrow Me Data“, After increasing all the data bundles, they also launched another product which will enable all GLO  user to keep browsing on the go. So apart from borrowing airtime, you can now also borrow data bundles. This is done as a sign of loyalty to it, subscribers.glo nigeria 1


They also launched three products, and I can assure you that they are super products. So apart from Double Free Tomorrow, there are still,  11k/s for All, and IDD Packs.
The newly launched product, Glo Borrow Me Data, allows you to borrow data bundles worth up to 2GB whenever you do not have any data left and as you know that it determines on how you use data packages monthly buy to be eligible for large data bundles.
How To Borrow Glo Data Bundles.

Just dial this code *321#  the follow up the pop-up messages. Glo will be collecting back their money whenever you recharge your sim card. Well, why not use this medium to check out the rest packs. Something might just catch your mind.

The other pack we have are;

  • Double Free Tomorrow – this product gives back to the users 200% of what is spent on calls, SMS or data to use the next day. In the offer, Glo will calculate all the airtime a user employed in a day on the internet, calls, and SMS. Then Glo will credit the user’s phone with double of what was used.

For instance, if you spend more on calls, internet and SMS today, you will get more the next day. E.g, if a user on Glo network uses N500 credit in a day on calls, SMS and data, Glo will give back twice of what was used, i.e.,  N1,000 credits to the user the next day to. If you are interested in this product, jus dial this code to get started. Dial *300#.

The nest product is;

  • Gbam Plus 11k/s For All: It an easy Glo flat tariff plan which allows it users to enjoy massively reduced call rate on local and international phone calls. Under this plan, you will be charged at 11k/s to all local networks and international calls. To get started just Dial *211# to migrate to the plan. Daily access fee of N5
  • IDD Packs – This IDD pack is a little bit meant for those who call abroad. This product covers calls which are made from Nigeria to 30 major international destinations for as low as N6.60 per minute. The IDD 100 gives the user 12 minutes of call which is valid for 3 days, while IDD 200 will give you 24 call minutes for just 7 days. The IDD 500 bundle offers 60 minutes for 14 days, while the fourth pack, IDD 1000, will give the user 150 call minutes which is valid for 30 days.

According to Glo, the 30 destinations covered by the new IDD packs include countries like; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, India, China and Japan.

We hope this was helpful. Kindly let us know your preferred choice. Thanks.

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