Easiest Way To Hide Last Seen On Facebook Messenger Android

Looking for how to hide last seen on Facebook messenger on your Android device? Look no forward. This guide contains all the steps you need to take to do just that.

Facebook is all about connecting people and the messenger app for Facebook takes that a bit farther. With the messenger app, you can get your messages and notifications promptly and reply immediately on the go. Overall it is a Very nice app to have but there are some things that may or may not sit well with some people.

For example, the last seen feature on the Facebook messenger app for Android. This feature tells your Facebook friends the last time you used or Log on to the app. While this might be great for knowing when last someone came online, it might also be somewhat bad. I personally do not like the idea of this.

What if I want to talk to someone without some other person knowing I’m online? What if I just want to be incognito? And What if I just came to check or copy something I received earlier in the day without my Facebook friends seeing this as an opportunity to send me messages?

Well thankfully, Facebook has got you covered with an option in the messenger app for just that which we will be teaching how to do here.

Easiest Way To Hide Last Seen On Facebook Messenger Android

This process is pretty simple and doesn’t require the use of a third-party application. Just follow the steps below carefully.

  • First, Locate and Open The Facebook Messenger App. (The blue speech bubble with something like white lightning in the middle)
  • Make sure you are Logged In If you aren’t then Log In.

  • After you are Logged In, Tap On People at the bottom right corner next to Groups.

  • Just below the Search Bar at the top, you should see the All Button and Active Button. Tap the Active Button.

  • You should see your name and a switch beside it. Slide it to the left to turn off the last seen Feature on your messenger app.

That’s it. Now the last seen people are going to see in your chat is the time at which you slid the switch off. This will stay like that until you switch it on. Now you can use and surf the messenger app for Android in incognito mode without anybody seeing your last seen.

If you are online and initiate a chat with someone, the person will see you as offline with a last seen of the time you turned it off, while you are still online. Anytime you want to change this, you can follow the steps above and return the slider back to the right to turn it back on.


This was the method I used to hide last seen on Facebook messenger. Now I can use the Facebook messenger app without wondering if someone is monitoring if I’m online or not.

If you encounter any problem while hiding your last seen on your Facebook messenger app then do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Easiest Way To Hide Last Seen On Facebook Messenger Android”

  1. I agree with the above comment, this method does not work. I’ve checked it many times and it still states you’re last seen time. The Active feature does not work. The only way to hide it is to use messenger on a browser like firefox or Chrome and install an adblocker. My friend’s have tested this for me and you can no longer see me online. It does not display last online time. I am looking for a way to do this on my android phone but unfortunately I can’t find one that blocks the messenger app unless using a browser. I want something on my phone to stop this, but yet to find anything!

  2. Hey there. I thought this article is going to be relevabt to me now because it was posted at may 2018! But i don’t see what you (the writer) are saying!!!
    I am getting more of a different story!!!
    At the top bar I’m getting messages, active, groups and calls; and at the bottom it’s house, people, camera, playstation and sign with lightining mark on it. So already It’s looking way different to yours.
    When i press active at the top bar i will see who is active only (at the messegaes button, i can see who is active plus a min bubble on contacts recently online).
    But the only way for me to switch off is at my contact bubble seperate from all this (leading my to my acc) then that’s where it says “activr statuse” so i turn it off and i don’t see people online anymore.
    BUT, i do still see people last time logging in their chat page. So i can’t see who is online but i can still see their login detail but then not others (it’s blank in their message chat). So does that meen people can still see mine??? Im confused!

    That’s what’s been bugging me the most.
    Please help and respond. I don’t want ppl to know when i was last loged in.


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