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Facebook has decided to temporarily suspend Crimson Hexagon

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is still very present for Facebook. The firm obtained private data from millions of users, which they used to influence elections throughout the world. Therefore, the social network has been taking action in this regard. Related to this is the news today. Because they have temporarily suspended Crimson Hexagon.

Facebook has decided to temporarily suspend Crimson Hexagon

It is a firm specializing in data analysis, and the reason why this is done is that the social network suspects that this company has been able to bypass the privacy policies. Something that is being investigated.

Facebook continues with the fight for privacy

As at the moment it has not been possible to prove that they have skipped the rules of the social network, it is a temporary suspension. Facebook is currently investigating whether it has really been that way or not. The reason is that recently it was mentioned that there could be a new company involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the data from 87 million users had been sold.

In addition, it turns out that Crimson Hexagon has contacts with the American government and collaborates closely with an organization in Russia, linked to the Putin government. So Facebook has enough reasons to suspect the company.

So far no evidence has been found that it has been so. But it is confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, so it is likely that we will know more about it soon.

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