How to Perform Hard Reset on BlackBerry Mercury

BlackBerry Mercury

Has your BlackBerry Mercury become unresponsive? Has it stopped functioning like it is supposed to? Well then, the best option to solve this issue is to perform a hard reset on your BlackBerry Mercury to return it back to the factory default mode. You can also check out How to Perform Factory Reset on Blackberry Mercury.

It is paramount that you know that when you make a hard reset on your Blackberry Mercury, all your data, files, apps, information and settings will all be totally wiped from the device memory. So, before you perform a hard reset on your Blackberry Mercury, make sure to backup all your data and files on your device. To perform a hard reset on your phone, go to the phone Settings > Tap on Backup & reset. There are two methods which you can perform the hard reset on the blackberry Mercury. Below we will explain how you can use the two methods.

How To Easily Format/Hard Reset/Factory Reset BlackBerry Mercury Smartphone:

Method 1

  • Turn off the Blackberry Mercury
  • Press & hold the Power button together with the Volume up button and the Home button all at a time until the Blackberry logo comes up on the screen.
  • Use the Power button to enter into the recovery mode menu.
  • Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate to the “wipe data/factory reset” and then use the power button to select it.
  • Select “Yes – delete all user data” to confirm the hard reset
  • After you have selected the option, wait for five seconds and then reboot your Blackberry Mercury.

Method 2

  • Turn on your Blackberry Mercury
  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap Backup & reset
  • Next, Tap on Reset device
  • Tap on Erase everything to confirm your choice

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