How Can I Download Videos From Twitter On My Smartphone?

Twitter recently revealed that they plan to increase the clip content on the social media platform and companies and regular users now upload more clips on a daily basis.

Viewing the clips on Twitter and sharing the link with anyone is very simple but as per downloading video from Twitter onto your Personal Computer, there is no clear button to tap that will make that happen instantly.

However, that is not to say it cannot be done.

It does not matter if you are a phone owner or PC user, just ensure you are using Chrome. And when Twitter and Twitter Video Downloader are used, below is how you will be able to download clips from Twitter:


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  1. Head to or launch the Twitter app on your mobile device. Logging in is not important.
  2. Locate the clip that you intend to download and click the top right corner of the tweet for additional options. Then choose “Copy link to tweet.”
  3. Open a fresh tab on Chrome and access Twitter Video Downloader.
  4. Have the URL pasted in the input box on the display and tap Download.
  5. The website will process with clip from Twitter and then take you to a fresh page where you can download the clip in several video qualities.
  6. Right-tap on the quality that you want for your clip and right tap to choose “Save link as.”
  7. A file in MP4 format will be downloaded on your computer or mobile device where you can locate it in the file manager.


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How Can I Use Twitter Videos To Boost My Brand Awareness?

1. Go Live

Like several social media platforms, Twitter allows you to go live so your audience can see you in real-time. This is an amazing way to boost user engagement. When you post a live clip, your audience will be able to drop comments and interactions with the live stream. A recent Livestream survey discovered that 82 per cent of users rate live video ahead of normal social media posts. Your audience gets to read your content live as it happens. Users will also love to see your brand via a live stream since the footage is not edited.

2. Flaunt New Products

At times, it is not okay to just show customers pictures of products online. With that, it is difficult to really gauge every aspect, or fully break down how it suits your target market and how it can solve their problems. Offering clips will give your audience a broader view of the products and how it is used so they can know how it will affect their lifestyle and meet their pressing needs.

Anytime you create a Twitter post to ensure your content is sold, include a clip is vital as well. Twitter revealed that 82 per cent of users view video content.

This tells you that multimedia is a massive way to find your way into the hearts of your audience, quickly. Especially if its a new product, one that stands out, it could be a very valid weapon to boost your brand.

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