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How Do I Download Torrents Straight To My iPhone?

Downloading torrents straight to your iPhone is not as simple as on other phones.

Because of the controversy that comes with torrent files, Apple decided to ban every torrent client application from its online store. So, as far as Apple is concerned, you are not allowed to download any torrent files on your iPhone.

But, as far as we are concerned, there are alternative ways to download torrent files apart from applications. If you are prepared to go against the regulations and download torrent files irrespective of the ban, these several methods can be utilized.

You can use an online torrent tool to get a file downloaded, or you go via non-torrent applications such as iDownloader and Documents. This tutorial will highlight these methods of downloading torrents to your iPhone.

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How Can I Use An Online Torrent App To Download Torrents Straight To to the iPhone

How Can I Use An Online Torrent App To Download Torrents Straight To My iPhone?

Even after Apple officially banned torrent clients, they can still be accessed online without needing to get them downloaded.

You can locate several online torrent apps on the net. The trusted and tested ones include:


All these sites work in identical ways. When they are opened in your browser, you can simply search for the torrent link and then download.

There are a couple of ways to get files from online torrent downloaders.

Have The Direct Download Link Copied

  1. Head to the torrent site you intend to use, like Monova.
  2. Search for the torrent website of your choice.
  3. Rather than clicking “Download Torrent,” simply press and hold till you are able to copy the link.
  4. Get the link pasted into Seedr or an identical site, and then chose “Go.”

The site will serve as a torrent client and it will aid the download of your torrent file straight to your iPhone’s storage.

Get The Torrent File Uploaded

If the first solution fails to work, just upload a torrent file to your preferred site. Adhere to these instructions to begin to download the content you seek.

  1. Head to your torrent website and locate a torrent file you intend to download.
  2. Rather than clicking download, hold till a menu is visible.
  3. Click “Share” and then “Save to”, like Seedr or Zbigz.
  4. Open an online torrent downloader, like Zbigz or Seedr.
  5. Tap “Add Torrent File” and locate the torrent file in your documents.
  6. Click “Go” or “Download,” according to the website.
  7.  Torrent will then download to where you want it saved.

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How Can I Download A Torrent File With iDownloader?

iDownloader acts like a downloads manager with loads of amazing features. Because of its customizability, you are able to downloads torrents as well.

To begin to use iDownloader, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Locate the iDownloader application on iTunes and have it installed.
  2. Launch the app. You will see that the application possesses its personal browser.
  3. Open the torrent website with iDownloader.
  4. Locate the torrent that you intend to download, and rather than clicking download, hold it. As soon as a pop-up window is visible, copy the link.
  5. Head to the torrent client sites i touched on before like Zbigz. Get the link pasted into the search bar and click “Go.”
  6. A download will be visible. When it is, tap “Download.” This site will download the torrent to its server. Then, get you a fresh link to download the file to your phone.
  7. Tapping this link will make iDownloader begin to download this file. Save it to your phone.

How Can I Download A Torrent With Documents By Readdle?

Doing this is identical to the method highlighted above.

  1. Head to iTunes and locate Documents by Readdle.
  2. Get the application installed.
  3. Open the torrent website with the application’s personal browser.
  4. Locate the torrent file you intend to download.
  5. Get the magnet download link copied. And do not forget that magnet link and download torrent link are different.
  6. Head to the online torrent client (Zbigz, or anything else,) paste the magnet link into the required field and tap “Go.” The site will get your file downloaded to the server, with no extra link needed.
  7. Click the link and the application will download the file to your iPhone.

iDownloader and Documents operate alike, therefore, any of the two will serve this purpose, but you can still go for your preferred choice.

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