How to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group

One of the most annoying things that can happen on WhatsApp is when they add you to a group without your permission. Family group, university, vacation … To avoid this breaking of boxes, in this article we teach you how to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group.

Your phone starts vibrating uncontrollably and you discover that someone has included you in the WhatsApp group which you do not want, it can be marketplace or party in your city, but to be correct or not to look bad, you prefer not to be the first to say no. (Discover also how to silence users in Whatsapp groups) Certainly, a similar situation happened to many.

Until now WhatsApp has been very unsuccessful in this respect, until now anyone could include you in a group without asking your permission, even from strangers, people who were not among your contacts.

Fortunately, with the new WhatsApp update, it is now possible to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group. Just today we wrote an article on how to spy on another person’s WhatsApp, Facebook or Snapchat, click on the link and immerse yourself in reading.

How to avoid being included in WhatsApp groups

The easiest way so far has been to block the person who put you in the group, so as not to let them do it again, but things have changed with the latest update of WhatsApp that is coming these days on mobile phones.

Avoiding being added to a WhatsApp group without your authorization is very simple, you must follow these steps:

Go to Settings. Click on the three points aligned vertically at the top right of the screen … the tab will open.

Click on the first option of the Account menu.

Go to the Privacy tab.

Go to the Groups tab. This wasn’t there before, it’s part of the new update.

You will see that there are three options. You can choose between:

  • Everything– nothing will change and everything will continue as before, anyone can add you to a group.
  • Your contacts– only people you have as contacts can include you in a group. The rest of the people will not be able to do it if they try they will receive an alert notification where you can choose whether you want to be part of the group.
  • No one– through this option, no one can add you to a group, before each attempt you will receive a notification so that you can choose the desired option.

The options are very comfortable because they allow you to decide whether you want to be part of a group or not. Another convenient feature included in the queen of messaging applications.

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