How To Bypass FRP Lock On Tecno Pop 2?

Are you using the Tecno Pop 2? Congratulations. It is a brilliant device. We must give it to Tecno for being a phone company that manufactures decent and cheap Android devices.

For whatever reason, you might intend to sell your Tecno phone to anyone else. Well, as we know, Factory Data Reset is the first step to take when you have made up your mind to sell your device, but sometimes, that could be a challenge.

In this tutorial, we will break down how to bypass on your FRP lock on Tecno Pop 2.

The issue here is the Factory Data Reset Protection lock. The phone can not be used anymore because whenever you activate it, you are shown this message “This device was reset, to continue to sign in with a google account that was previously synced on this device.”

Not to worry. Do you have the old Google Account Credentials? Do you intend to bypass the FRP Lock on your phone? If you are in this situation then you have come to the right website for the fix you desire.

Let us highlight how you can bypass FRP lock on your Tecno Pop 2 device.


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What Is FRP Lock?

FRP is an acronym for “Factory Reset Protection.” It is a security measure taken by Google (Android) for all phones running on the fresher versions of Android. This measure first got released on the Android 5.1 L or (Lollipop). It gets enabled immediately you log into a Google Account on your Android phone. And as soon as it is enabled, it will block you from making use of the device till the user types in the Google Account details.

The prerequisites to get rid of Google Account or bypass FRP lock on a Tecno Pop 2 are:

  1. It works for just the Tecno Pop 2.
  2. Ensure the SP Flash Tool is downloaded and installed on your personal computer.
  3. Scatter File- download Stock ROM for Tecno Pop 2s
  4. Download VCOM Drivers and have them installed on your personal computer.
  5. You will need to download and install the needed Tecno USB drivers on your PC.
  6. Ensure the battery percent on your Tecno Pop 2 is minimum, 60%.


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If the prerequisites are covered, get rid of the FRP lock on Tecno Pop 2 with the SP Flash tool:

  1. Before anything else, get the SP flash tool downloaded and extracted on your personal computer.
  2. Now download the Stock ROM for your device and extract the zip file.
  3. Open the flash tool.exe file within the SP Flash tool folder.
  4. In the SP Flash tool, you need to load the scatter text file.
  5. Now click on the format menu and choose Manual Mode.
  6. Changing the Begin Address and Format Length value is necessary. It has to be replaced with the scatter file text FRP value.
  7. To get that done, Open the scatter file text within the SP Flash tool through Notepad.
  8. After that, search for keyword FRP by pressing Ctrl + F shortcut key.
  9. Then copy the Linear_start_address and have it pasted over Begin address box and Physical_start_address over Format Length in the SP flash tool.
  10. As soon as that is done, hit “Start.”
  11. Then power off your phone. Immediately the phone is fully powered off, hold the Volume Up button and link your phone to PC with the USB Cable.
  12. You are done. SP flash tool will reset the FRP lock.
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