How to close apps on iPhone X – is it really necessary?

The method to close apps on iPhone X is a small revolution compared to the past. If in fact you already had one of the previous models of iPhone, we are sure that you will find yourself slightly displaced by the absence of a home button.

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The gestures of iPhone X in fact, take full advantage of the borderless display to perform all those operations that were previously performed with the central button. Even closing applications on iPhone X then, take advantage of this new method that after the first few times you will use it will seem much faster than the previous one.

So do not give up, thanks to this article you will succeed in a few minutes to reach your goal in absolute tranquility. All you have to do is spend a few minutes in our company and get to the end of this guide.

The close app on iPhone X – is it really necessary?

The myth that has often spread in the past is that closing apps on iPhone X and other models, in general, can bring improvements regarding autonomy and free memory. In reality, the management of RAM on iOS is very different compared to what happens for Android.

The applications that are closed in fact remain active in the background but do not continue to work actively as a user might think. These are virtually frozen, leaving active a sort of link or shortcut that, in case of reopening, will lead you directly to the point where you left the software.

In this way, the second opening of the app affects much less on the smartphone’s memory, increasing at the same time the speed of execution. If instead, you go to open an application that you had closed forcibly, this will require more resources and more time to be executed.

The only case in which we advise you to close the app on iPhone X in the ways that we will illustrate then is in situations of blockage or malfunction. If you want to save battery on iPhone instead, the methods to be used are others.

How to close apps on iPhone X

The first method that we will explain to close applications on iPhone X is perhaps the simplest and at the same time fast among those available. As anticipated in the opening, the old home button that, thanks to the prolonged pressure allowed to view the open applications, has been replaced by a gesture. 

To open the application switcher, you must drag your finger from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen. After waiting a moment, you will see the list of open applications, on which you simply press the finger for a second, to see a red circle with a minus inside it appear on the left corner. Please press on to close the apps you do not want to use at the moment.

If you prefer then, you can close the applications even by making a short swipe up, exactly as it was for previous iPhone models. If you want to close more than one at the same time, just use two or more fingers and drag them upwards at the same time.

The close app on iPhone X with AssistiveTouch

If you are really fond of the old way to close apps on iOS and you want to use it on iPhone X, we have a solution that we are sure you will like. In fact, using AssistiveTouch, the option to create a virtual home button on the screen, you can solve this problem. Since this function is not activated by default, now we will see how to use it.

To activate AssistiveTouch, you have to go to the settings, where, under the general heading and then accessibilityyou will find this option. Simply move the switch to the right to activate the virtual home button. Now, wherever you are on the system, you can close apps on iPhone X without too much trouble.

Press the AssistiveTouch button, tap on the device / other and then choose to multitaskIn this way, you will find yourself in front of the same menu of open applications that we have seen previously.

Close iPhone X app with VoiceOver

For those of you who do not know, VoiceOver is an accessibility tool designed for visually impaired or blind people, which allows you to use certain options simply by calling Siri. In this way, those who have difficulty using the methods that we have already illustrated can close the app on iPhone X without any difficulty.

To activate VoiceOver, you will need to access the settings, tap on general and access the accessibility menu. Here you will find the voice “VoiceOver,” and you just move the switch to the right to activate them.

To take advantage of VoiceOver to shut down applications, the procedure is less complicated than it seems:

  • Drag your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen until you feel light pressure.
  • Lift your finger as soon as you hear the message “Lift your finger to access the application switcher” and then scroll up to find out which ones are open.
  • To choose the application to close, just swipe to the left, then drag three fingers up when you have identified the one that interests you.

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Seen? Closing apps on iPhone X is not difficult at all, although the way to do it has been decidedly revolutionized compared to the past. We assure you that with a little practice this will become a routine operation, which you will be able to accomplish without any effort.

In the meantime, if you have recently purchased your new iPhone X and you want to discover everything, but everything, on the new features available, we leave you some articles that we are sure you will find interesting.

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