How to Fix Nokia 7.1 that is freezing or not responding properly

You will need to first apply force reboot to repair the Nokia 7.1 that is frozen, or that is not responding. The OS is not different to Windows/Mac OS. It is possible that due to an app or a configuration, the Nokia 7.1 is frozen and not responding. If this is happening to your smartphone for the first time, simply power off your device and start it again.

This process will remove the temporary problem causing runtime on your device. It refreshes the runtime and gives it a fresh start to the Android operating system. Just follow the below instructions:

  1. Tap and hold the Power button until the device vibrates.
  2. Once the device has vibrated, leave the button. Now, your phone will go OFF.
  3. After that, turn ON your device making use of the power key.

Then, just observe your device to see if problems are solved or still there. Now, proceeding to the next step.

Clear Application data/cache on the device to fix frozen and stuck problems

As we keep using our device, the cache files keep accumulating and then eventually impact different aspects of the Android operating system. It resists operating system from running well and brings out various problems like device becoming unresponsive or freezing at some screen.

If you’re able to access the Android UI and boot up the Settings menu, just follow the below procedure to get rid of the application cache:

  1. Tap and open the Settings.
  2. Now, click on Applications > Open Applications list.
  3. Then, Click on the Application that you want to clear its cache memory
  4. Then, click on the ‘Storage’ option.
  5. Click on Clear Cache to carry out this action.

Moreover, you can click on Clear Data to reset the app totally. That should erase the cached data linked to applications.

The above steps should’ve solved your device problem. If you notice that the issues/bugs still occurs around the device, you better clear the cached data on your device completely. You could do it making use of the below method.

Carry out a wipe cache partition to erase all clutter/cache and rubbish files

In order to clear the cache partition, you need to go into the recovery mode. Using this mode, users can clear the cache memory, perform a hard reset and perform different other actions. The following instructions will assist you to use this mode to clear the cache partition on Nokia 7.1 to fix bugs and unresponsive problems:

  1. The first thing to do here is to turn OFF your device making use of the power button.
  2. Now, click and hold the Volume Up and Power keys until it shows the booting logo.
  3. Now, leave both the buttons to go into the recovery mode. If nothing still happens or it doesn’t go into recovery mode, try to connect your device using a USB Cable then try the same steps again
  4. Under-recovery mode, click on ‘Wipe cache partition’ option making use of the Power key.
  5. Carry out this action then exit this mode.

Now, let your device reboot. Now, carefully watch your device thoroughly to figure if it still freezes or stuck anywhere. Most likely, that should have fixed all the problems/issues.

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