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How To Fix Vizio TV That Won’t Turn On

If your Vizio TV suddenly stops turning on, it could super annoying. As you already know, purchasing a brand new television can be very costly, therefore, having to repair it will very expensive and time-consuming too, and nobody wants that.

Not to worry though, if this is the case, you do not have to panic. There are a few reasons why your Vizio TV won’t power on and it has nothing to do with the television being broken. Normally, it only takes some minutes and a few troubleshooting to ensure your TV is back to normal. See How To Fix Vizio TV That Won’t Turn On:

How Can I Fix Vizio TV That Won’t Turn On?

Checking a couple of things will help you rectify the problem once and for all. With some fast troubleshooting, you will be back to watching your preferred shows again. To assist with that, here are some possible reasons why your Vizio TV won’t power on:

1. Check The Remote:

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If you cannot power ON your Vizio TV with a remote, the TV itself might be perfect. The problem might be with the remote itself or its batteries. To confirm that the remote is or isn’t the issue, replace the batteries and try to turn on the television once again.

If that fixed nothing, there is another possible remote problem to check. At times, it could be that your remote isn’t properly connected to the device, especially for those who have at least 2 Vizio TVs. The simplest way to confirm if this is the case is by powering on your TV by pressing a button on it.

A lot of people find it hard to locate the button and even conclude that it does not exist. However, the button is very much visible and would be found by reaching behind the television. It would most likely be on the bottom-left or the bottom-right side.

If the television works, you might need to set up your remote once more. To set up your remote, press the TV button, which is mostly found at the top-right corner of your remote, and adhere to the instructions. However, if all this still fixes nothing, there could be other reasons.

2. Power Cycle Your Vizio TV:

If you feel you are having power-related problems, the first fix you can try is power cycling your Vizio TV. If you are not aware, power cycling actually resolves the problems that you have. And luckily for you, the process of power cycling your Vizio TV is not complicated. Just adhere to these instructions:

  • Get the cord of your television unplugged from the outlet and leave it disconnected.
  • Find the power button on your television. You will find it on the bottom left or right side.
  • Press and hold the button on your television for about ten seconds.
  • Power on your television again.

If this does not work, there is another thing you can do.

3. Check The Power Cord:

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Another thing that can often stop your television from powering on is a loose cord. This is why you need to always make sure the cord fits well if you want no problems with your TV. To rectify a loose power cord, simply check its connection to both the power outlet and the television, and the 2 connections must be plugged in.

Any kind of loose power cord connection can actually disrupt the flow of electricity to your TV, which could be frustrating. Check the outlet and ensure the cord did not get loose on the back of the television itself.

If the issue persists after this, reaching out to the Vizio customer support team is the last resort and they will decide if they can provide help via the phone or you will need to send in the television for repair.

That is that.

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