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How to improve the sound of your phone in 5 steps. It’s free!

We offer you five ways to improve the sound of your Android phone, without having to buy anything and in a very simple way. The mobile phone, that electronic device that is almost permanently anchored to our limb and with which we do almost everything. From work to communication; It amuses us, it learns, it teaches us… However, in a mobile phone, there are endless electronic devices. Including an excellent multimedia player.

With an Android smartphone, we can listen to music, watch music videos, we can play movies, series… The screen is essential, of course, but also the speakers and the connection with headphones.

Ok, you already have your phone and your headphones, whether wired or wireless. Your smartphone has decent audio, but you’d like something better. How to get it without investing more money? Let’s see how to get it in 5 steps.

Improve the quality of your audio files

When we listen to music, music files have a specific level of quality and compression. The sound reproduced is better if the quality of the files is increased. This, which at first seems obvious (and it is), we usually forget when we create our music library.

If you are downloading songs in MP3 format, it is better to look for them with a higher sampling rate and bitrate. You can also opt for lower quality files, such as FLAC. In case you use services like Spotify, you have to enter the configuration and increase the quality of the streaming and even the offline lists. Obviously, keep in mind the memory of your phone- the higher the quality of the music, the more space they will occupy.

Find your phone’s equalization settings

Many brands usually install different audio enhancements on their devices with which to optimize the music and sound of the movies. Not all phones have these settings, but it’s worth checking out.

Usually, just go into the Android settings and sneak into the sound settings. In this case, there should be access to improving the sound in the form of an equalizer. There is another way to discover them:

  • Open your Spotify application.
  • Go to the “Your Library” tab.
  • Click on the sprocket for adjustments, top right.
  • Look for the “Equalizer” option.

Install an application to improve the sound

If you don’t have equalization settings on your Android mobile device, or even if you have them, you can always install an application with which to improve the sound of your smartphone. And we chose the best- Noozxoide EIZO-rewire ™ PRO.

An absolutely impressive tool is included under that indefinable name. It includes not only sound settings but also many DSP configurations and many other improvements and optimizations to get a sound adapted to your ears. The level of options is overwhelming- it’s worth trying the app. We highly recommend it.

Make sure the case does not cover the sound

If you are listening to the mobile phone through the external speaker, you must keep in mind that any obstacle will block the sound; or that this is distorted. 

Make sure that the case does not block the holes in the speakers, usually located at the bottom of the phone. One trick is to remove the cover at the loudspeaker to direct the exit forward. It seems not, but your series, movies or songs will feel better.

Enhance Bluetooth audio by forcing a better quality codec

A final step, which will help you if you have a Bluetooth headset, is to force a better quality audio codec. Not all phones will include compatibility with these codecs, not even headphones. But, if the two devices offer the possibility, you will certainly notice a change.

How to change the audio codec so that the sound transmitted to the Bluetooth headset or speaker is of the highest quality? Simple, read.

  • First, you need to check which codecs are compatible with headphones or speakers. If you force a codec from the cellphone that the audio device does not identify, you will get the opposite effect to what you are looking for.
  • It’s time to activate the developer’s settings. You should already know how it’s done- go to the Android settings and go to the “Phone information” section; Locate the software options and click on “Build Number” ten times. A new menu will have been activated.
  • Access the developer settings and go to the networks section.
  • Enter “Bluetooth audio codec” and select the one with the highest quality and compatible with headphones or speakers.
  • Set the “Audio sample rate” and “Audio Bits per sample” to the maximum possible. You have to take into account the capacity of the headphones/speakers and also the compression of the music you’ve stored- it doesn’t matter if you impose better quality if your songs don’t have that quality.
  • If you use the LDAC codec, you can force playback quality.

These settings must not be available on your smartphone- everything will depend on the quality of its components, the Bluetooth version and the fact that the manufacturer has enabled them or not. It is advisable to mess with these settings and find the best playback level.

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