How To Know The Best Hand Sanitizer To Buy To Combat Coronavirus

Commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, shopping carts, phones, faucets, remote controls e.t.c can attract lots of potentially harmful microbes, which could be dangerous for your health right now. This can be worsened during cold, flu season, viral outbreaks, making cleaning of hands very important.

To kill microbes that can affect your health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend washing your hands with soap and water from time to time for at least twenty seconds, including the back of your hands and under your fingernails.

However, what if you have no access to soap and water? Hand sanitizers can help. The key is to use a sanitizer that is home to at least 60% alcohol. Alcohol-free sanitizers that depend on other ingredients will not be as effective in getting rid of the germs that can make you test positive for coronavirus.

It is also important to use hand sanitizer properly. Use at least a quarter-sized dollop of the sanitizer or enough to cover your hands every time totally. Ensure you rub it in well until your hands are dry and do not wipe it off. If your hands get greasy or very soiled, using the only sanitizer might not be helpful. Doctors also advise you to wipe your hands off with a paper towel or rinse with water if that is available before you make a double application of hand sanitizer. By so doing, you will penetrate the grime for the sanitizer to be effective.

Sadly, because of the fears of the coronavirus, a lot of these products are rapidly selling out or getting sold for exorbitant prices. So we beg everyone against hoarding so all human beings can have fair access to the supplies they want. For those that are particular about choosing the right, see How To Know The Best Hand Sanitizer To Buy To Combat Coronavirus:

1. Purell Advanced Aloe Scent Hand Sanitizer:

Best Hand Sanitizer To Buy

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It is home to 70% ethyl alcohol and is super effective for killing germs and protecting your hands. Purell is a top brand in hand sanitizing products, and their sanitizers are used in several hospitals. This particular sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol plus aloe, vitamin E, and so on. It also prevents excessive drying of the skin on our hands.

The high level of alcohol it comes with helps in killing germs quickly and also gets rid of contagious microbes. The formula has no parabens, phthalates, and preservatives that can result in skin irritation. People with sensitive skin can comfortably use it without any risk.

2. Pharma C Alcohol Wipes:

Best Hand Sanitizer To BuyThey are big enough to thoroughly sanitize your hands with its 70% isopropyl alcohol. Available in around 5.5 x 7 inches, it comes with a purified water solution, and it remains moist as long as the lid is closed properly. Using it guarantees a germ-free hand, but the disadvantage to expect is that applying it alone with no other buffers can be so dry on your skin. The price has risen rapidly since the virus started circulating, though, so beware of rip-offs.

3. Purell Fresh Scent Sanitizing Wipes:

Best Hand Sanitizer To BuyIt might not be as effective as an alcohol-based sanitizer, but it tackles germs and remains gentle at the same time when used on your face. If you feel the alcohol-based sanitizers are very harsh and drying, these wipes can get rid of common germs until you get to a sink for handwashing. Available in measure 6 x 7-inch, dermatologists say it is tested and proven. They come with moisturizers with no dyes, parabens phthalates, or alcohol that will ruin your delicate skin.

4. Highmark Advanced Hand Sanitizer:

Best Hand Sanitizer To Buy

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This one is brilliant for dry skin, and it kills germs with its 65% ethyl alcohol. You also have access to the all-important vitamin E, which helps to protect your skin. If you are searching for a hand sanitizer that will not dry out your hands, this is the one to go for. Its big size bottle also makes it useful for a very long time.

5. Equate Hand Sanitizer:

A big bottle of this sanitizer can kill germs effectively without hurting your pocket. Possessing 62% ethyl alcohol, moisturizing aloe, and vitamin E, it gets the job done just the way you want it. The disadvantage, however, is that the big 60-ounce bottle is a squeeze bottle, not a pump, so it might be difficult for children to use.

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