How To Know When To Pee As You Watch “Avengers – Endgame”?

“Avengers- Endgame” opened this weekend, ensuring a record number of film lovers abandoned their normal weekend activities to rush to their local theaters to see what will befall their favorite superheroes.

Being 3 hours and two minutes long proves “Avengers- Endgame” did not fail to take its time to give the story a befitting ending, which is amazing for the film, but not so amazing for your bladder if you could not stop sipping that drink as you watched.

If you intend to watch the movie, it will make a lot of sense to download the Runpee app. The app is no newbie, and now is the time it will come to full use.

Runpee works for a lot of famous movies, but “Avengers- Endgame” is one movie you absolutely need it for.


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With the application, you can inform it when the film begins and then it will remind you via a mild vibration when you need to pee or refill that drink. As you rush out, Runpee will let you know precisely how much time you have before the action gets underway again, and it will reveal a brief written synopsis of anything you are missing so you can get back into the theater prepared for what is to come.

If you do not wish to run the application, there are some websites that have explained when the right time is, to take that leak, but there are no synopsis involved for this one.

My preferred rundown is from CNET. The site warns that you should not stand up from your seat at all if you have been watching for over 2 hours, but it highlighted 3 suggestions for when it might be the best time to dash out before the 120-minutes mark.


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I warn you, you do not want to miss any part of this movie, but if you really have to, like a pee scenario, then knowing how to time yourself so as not to forfeit seeing a crucial part of the film is important.

“Avengers- Endgame” is the biggest film in 2024, and it is ready to shatter box office records as it starts to open all over the globe.

Have fun watching and please no spoilers for those that are yet to make out time to head to the cinema.

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