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How to protect your applications with a fingerprint

Do you want to protect applications full of private data on your Android phone? You can use the fingerprint to protect them. Find how! The fingerprint sensor has become essential for Android phones. More and more devices have one, and there has also been an important evolution in the types of sensors in the devices over time. 

The most common is the one found on the back, but more and more mobile phones integrate it on the screen. The fingerprint can be used for many functions.

We usually use the fingerprint to unlock the phone, but there are more options available. For example, applications can be blocked thanks to the footprint. In this way, the app will be executed only when the user’s fingerprint is detected, preventing people without permission to access it.

How to protect your applications with a fingerprint

Protect applications with a fingerprint

Typically, an average user has a huge amount of data stored on their Android phone. Photo, password… it is also possible that there is banking information. Therefore, it is not convenient for anyone to have access to such information. Protecting or blocking applications with a fingerprint is a good solution.

It allows nobody, except the user, to access this function. Therefore, this simple gesture can be a good way to protect the information stored on the phone. Improve security and privacy in just a few steps.

How can this be achieved? It depends in part on the device. There are Android smartphones that have the ability to do it natively. If this is not possible, there are applications available on Google Play that allow you to use this feature.

Protect applications with a fingerprint

If your Android smartphone gives you the ability to protect applications using your fingerprint, you can configure everything from the device settings. You probably don’t know for sure if this is possible, but you can check very simply if your smartphone offers this feature natively or not.

To do this, go to the Android settings and then in the Security and fingerprints section (in some smartphones the fingerprint section is secure or has its own section). Inside the fingerprint, there is a privacy section where there may be an option to block applications. In this tab, you are asked to enter your PIN.

Below is the complete list of applications installed on Android. Next to each of them, there is a switch, your phone offers you the possibility to lock with the fingerprint only the ones you want. By doing this you have ordered by phone which applications need to be protected with a fingerprint. Next time, when you access one of them, you will be asked for a fingerprint or a security PIN.

It is likely that the Android smartphone you own does not offer this feature natively. As long as you have a fingerprint sensor on your device, you can use applications that offer this possibility. There are many available in the Google Play Store.

Applications to protect apps with a fingerprint

Many Android phones have a fingerprint sensor, but they don’t have the function to protect applications. In this case, there are applications that allow you to have this function on your device; so that it is possible to protect with fingerprints those applications that have private data or where it is convenient to avoid the eyes of curious people. There are some of these applications available, but there are two that stand out from the others.

They work well, perform their task of protecting user privacy, and are very easy to use. This is why these two applications have been selected.

App Lock- password with fingerprint

This application will allow you to choose which applications to lock with your fingerprint. It has a very clean and simple interface that allows navigation and management in total comfort. Perfect for all types of users, regardless of their Android level.

The first thing the application requires is to establish a PIN or a template to access the lock applications section. When finished, you will be able to access the application settings. There you can activate the function that allows you to block applications on Android using the fingerprint.

Inside the application, there is a section that shows all the applications in the phone. A switch appears next to them, which must be activated in case you want to protect this app using your fingerprint. So the next time you open the app in question, you’ll be asked first to use the phone’s fingerprint sensor.

The download of this Android application is free; although there are announcements and purchases within the application, which are not mandatory. You can use the app for free.

AppLocker | Lock Apps – Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern

An application that does the same things as the aforementioned app. Thanks to the Locker app you can lock applications on Android using the fingerprint. In particular, this application offers some additional functions that differentiate it from other applications in this category.

In addition to allowing the function we are looking for, App Locker prevents you from being able to uninstall or disable protected applications on Android. Therefore, if someone has accessed the phone, they cannot delete any application protected by the fingerprint. Increase security and privacy on your device with this feature, available in the app.

The interface of this application is convenient to use- simple and intuitive. That’s why it adapts easily to all types of users. The application download is free, although there are purchases and announcements within it. But you can use the app without paying.

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