How to turn Android into an iPhone

Whatever they say, the well-finished graphics of iOS have always drawn many Android users who, between one change and the next, have always tried to replicate, at least, the graphics we see on the iPhone on their devices.

Because Android is so flexible, you can also use a simple launcher to turn a device that came with the Google operating system into an iPhone in every way. Without a doubt, X Launcher Pro is among the best launchers out there.

X Launcher Pro

Among the sections that have been recently updated, we find the management of notifications through the Notifier App, the notification management center, and much more, so as to make Android look like iOS in all respects, with attention to the smallest details, and truly unique customizations.

Android lets you change a lot of things, like the icon pack, the way colors look, the notification bar, shapes, and a lot more. This app is perfect for people who want a little bit of iOS style on Android without making too many changes to the operating system and without root.

Where to download X Launcher Pro

The fully unlocked version of X Launcher Pro costs about 1 euro and can be bought directly from the Google Play Store. With a simple installation, it will turn your Android phone into an iPhone in every way, just like an iPhone.

Download X Launcher Pro

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