Double leakage! Huawei P11 and P12 look the same on brand test pages

After a journalist ‘confirm’ the supposed launch of Huawei P11 at the ending of last year, expectations of the brand ‘s fans only increase.

And it seems that not only P11, the P12 is in fact about to be announced together with the P11, seeing that they both starred in a recent leak that only warmed up rumors of its impending arrival.

Apparently, the Huawei web developer team let the new members of the P series out of the way on some test pages (1, 2, and 3) of the brand, as we can see in the image below:


Of course, the final design of the products may not be what was shown in the image above, after all, they can only be ‘placeholders,’ in order to visualize how the page layout was.

The color information and measurements should also not be real, as they are exactly the same as Ascend Mate 7.

Still, rumors corroborate that Huawei’s new top of the line can come under the ‘P20‘ model (with a single-screen ratio), meaning we have to wait for some more solid information before we bet our chips on the next round.

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