Improve the sound quality on your Huawei phone by enabling this feature

Huawei phones integrate various technologies aimed at improving the user experience. Sometimes these functions are not as visible as they should be and go unnoticed by many users. One of these is Huawei Histen, which allows you to improve the sound of the Chinese company’s mobile phones.

Many users download third-party applications when they don’t like the sound quality of their phones and want to improve it. Keep in mind that there is no software that works wonders and, of course, we must use decent headphones.

There are options designed to improve the sound of the speakers, but when we wear headphones we want the highest quality. Some Huawei phones have Huawei Histen technology, which can be activated by audio options and which allows us to improve sound quality.

How to activate Huawei Histen

This option is activated differently on EMUI than in previous versions. Previously it was inside the Sounds tab, but in the new version, we will have to enter Huawei Histen’s Settings/Sounds and Vibrations/Sound Effects. If this option is not displayed on your Huawei mobile phone, it means that it does not support this technology.

Four options available

Once inside we will see several audio options that we can activate to start this function.

  • Automatic– automatically detects the type of audio we are listening to optimize the sound automatically.
  • 3D Audio– Manage to simulate the depth of field of 3D sound to offer an immersive experience. It is the best option when watching movies on your mobile phone.
  • Natural– Get the most natural sound in any situation, giving priority to the pure parameters of the original audio.
  • Standard– Saves energy to extend playing time.

Type of headphones

This is another of Huawei Histen’s options. It is a submenu focused on further improving the sound quality. To do this, we will provide information to the device on the type of headphones we wear. In this sense, we will be able to select both headphones of all types, such as in-ear, earplug, or headband.

Finally, a selection of Huawei headphones is included to be able to select in case we use one of their models. The more precise we are in this regard, the better the rendering of this technology that is able to improve the sound quality on your Huawei mobile phone.

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