Kronaby Hybrid Smartwatch Doesn’t Need Charging. What To Know

Kronaby is one of the best hybrid smartwatches you can lay your hands on. It successfully merges the traditional style design with the smart functionality it brings to the table. The Swedish startup is no newcomer to the world of smartwatch making as it helped the Japanese technology firm, Sony to design and develop accessories for the Sony smartwatch and smartband fitness tracker.

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There is a list of hybrid smartwatches in the market right now with big watch brands like Fossil, Movado, and Nokia all vying for attention. This is definitely a league of tech giants, and Kronaby’s smartwatch is doing very well amidst the competition.

A watch is primarily a fashion accessory. However, there are limitations encountered in the actualisation of a certain design due to the restriction of the tech involved in making the smartwatch. However, Kronaby as managed to a stylish hybrid smartwatch which is quite commendable.

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The Kronaby collection is composed of four different variants, with both male and female versions available. They all come in their unique style for each of the different models. You’d be surprised to find out there are features like accelerometer motion sensor and vibration motion all crammed into the steel body.

There are a 43mm casing and a 22mm 3-link stainless steel metal strap which is somehow too bulky for females. Each Kronaby has a domed sapphire crystal glass which gives that traditional premium look. The sapphire glass has a radiant beauty to it, reflects light in a way that is sure to catch your attention and a 100m waterproof design which means you can wear it swimming or even to the bathroom. Although with its stylish look and design you might want to think twice before taking it swimming.

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Although with its stylish look and design you ought to think twice before taking it swimming. There is also an elegant watch crown which can be used to switch from one activity or time modes to the other. To maintain it svelteness there is no heart rate sensor or any other fitness sensor underneath the smartwatch which in this case is ideal for the intended reason.

To get things started, you would have to install the Kronaby app on your iOs or Android smartphone. You would then have to calibrate it by following a straightforward setup guideline to align the hands on the primary and secondary dials after which you will start enjoying the functionalities that the smartwatch brings.

There are four main parts of the watch you will have to familiarise yourself with. Firstly, the watch face which is where you can make your various customisations. This basically lets you set two smart features to the secondary dial and the watch crown which could be activity progress, date, timer and a secondary time zone. You also have a filtered notification feature which allows you to assign a max of four phone contacts to one of three vibration intensities. This means you can assign the strongest vibration option to your favourite contact.

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Also, there is a smartwatch feature called pushers which allows you assign a list of smartphone feature to the button above and below the crown. Also, there is a safety Walk me home mode which lets you invite a friend to be your safety contact. This means when you press the button, your current location on a map will be sent to your friend.

It has a CR302 coin cell battery which powers a lot of regular watches. However, Kronaby states that it would last up to two years depending on your usage.

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