LG G7 – The hybrid between iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi 6

Gadgets Arena recently launched the LG G7 concept with the beauty of attracting viewers at first sight.

image 1509802211 LG G7 Gadgets Arena concept phone 1

Accordingly, the concept-phones have posted the LG G7 design from Gadgets Arena. The front of the device is similar to the iPhone X with an ultra-thin bezel, especially the “rabbit ears” at the top of the screen. Can be seen, the fingerprint sensor will be integrated directly into the screen.

image 1509802212 LG G7 Gadgets Arena concept phone 3

The concept’s back is reminiscent of the Xiaomi Mi 6 with dual camera clusters, and the LED flash, the two side bevelled softly.

image 1509802211 LG G7 Gadgets Arena concept phone 2

Of course, this is just an idea from the Gadgets Arena, and the possibility of becoming a reality is only time to respond.

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