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Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven For Outdoor Pizza Grilling

Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven can be used anywhere. Don’t miss the restaurant when you are out in the mountains, beach, and other remote places. Even in your backyard, you can also get the restaurant effect when you make use of the gas oven.

Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven Design

This is a portable pizza oven from the G-Oven Series. It is capable of cooking pizza in just about a minute. It is small enough to be transported easily to any location. It measures 27 x 17 x 10 inches, has a nice modern appearance that your friends will love.

The Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven is made with stainless steel, so don’t worry about rust or unnecessary damage from grimes. It is made to be tough because it is expected to be used alfresco. The toughness and longevity of the product are well assured.

It boasts a gas burner, pizza stone, pizza peel, and a protective cover, so you can operate without unwanted materials falling into your pizza. It has folding legs, so you can assemble and install it in a very short while.

Features of Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven

Mimiuo Portable Pizza Gas Oven

You may need to have some patience because the oven takes about ten minutes to pre-heat. The energy it attains will help to ensure your pizza bakes in just a minute. In view of this, people love to prepare multiple pizzas in advance and quickly bake them, wasting no time.

The pizza stone has incredible heat resistance capability and robust stability; nothing will fall apart due to heat in a long time of use. You will see that the inside is moist and fluffy after each use.

It works easily for any amateur or professional pizza. Operation is simple and straight, and you can try out all your recipes on the Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven. If you want, you could make use of it to bake bread, chicken tenders, shrimp, and others.

Make sure you rotate the pizza during baking. It depends on the temperature; you may be able to cook your pizza in about 45 – 75 seconds. As you make sure that only propane gas you make use of, the rest is easy. Don’t try to use any other fuel, or the result may be different for you. Some users complain that it doesn’t ignite after a few uses. That could be due to the use of the wrong fuel.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is portable, easy to carry around
  • It is durable
  • Modern design


  • For some, the flavor may not be very impressive
  • If the dough is too thick, inside could be raw
  • No detailed instruction manual

Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven


Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven sells for $359.99, which is a temporarily reduced price at the moment. The price may change at any time.

What Customer Are Saying about Mimiuo Portable Gas Oven

Unhappy Customer- The stone has no heat input from the connection, so the crust doesn’t cook. It failed to perform. You’re better off using a gas grill with four burners.

Happy Customer

The pizza oven was ready to go right out of the box. We opened it and made our first couple of pizzas. No learning curve; it’s easy to use and figure out how to handle the pizza the way we like it.


The best achievement comes from careful use of the product. Set the pre-heat as required, make sure your pizza is not too bulky, turn it over at short intervals, and you should get a good result after everything is done.

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