Motorola Moto Gamepad Review – Mandatory accessory for mobile players

Motorola Moto Z owners can now enjoy what we have just dreamed of. The Motorola Moto Gamepad turns the smartphone into a game console in two seconds.

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As the name suggests, the Moto Gamepad is a physical button game controller that you put in your phone. Playing games on the touch screen is not entirely the most obvious, and the Moto Gamepad solves this problem playfully. Layout buttons match what we know from classic gamepads.

On the left side, there is one analogue lever and 4-way arrows below. Below the arrows, there is a small Home button to get to your home screen. On the right, we find a second analogue stick and four action buttons beneath it. At the bottom are the Start and Select buttons, but only some games support them.

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There are four buttons on the top, two on each side. Usually, these buttons are for shooting or gas pedal (nitro). An exciting feature of these buttons is that when they are pressed, the lights are red. This can hurt some players, especially when playing in the dark. Unfortunately, this button backlight cannot be turned off.

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On the bottom of the gamepad is a USB-C port and a headphone jack. The free USB-C port is definitely going to be useful because the games are discharging the battery quite quickly and the main USB-C port on the phone is covered when using the Moto Gamepad.

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The gamepad itself has a built-in 1035 mAh battery to provide 8 hours of gameplay without the need for charging. It’s really about 6-7 hours, which is still enough.

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Once the gamepad is connected, the Moto Game Explorer application will be installed to serve as a game library supporting the Moto Gamepad. You will find the most famous game titles of various genres, including free ones.

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Some games are better played on the gamepad; others will have to play a bit with the settings. However, the Gamepad game library is rich, so you do not have to worry about having anything to do after a while.

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The greatest weakness of this accessory is ergonomics. After a few minutes of playing with the Moto Gamepad, you feel your hands cramping because of their unnatural position. If you look at the classic controls for the game consoles, they all have the same “ears” for the better ergonomics of which you are holding the controller. You will have to crawl the Moto Gamepad because of its flat profile during play.

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But everyone does not have to have this problem. The Moto Gamepad may fall into the hands better, for example, by a younger player. On the other hand, Moto Gamepad improves the experience of mobile games several times. If you avoid mobile games due to their tricky controls, try the Moto Gamepad. When playing games with this driver, you will forget to play on the mobile.

Moto Gamepad is a handy gadget that can change your mind about mobile games. Its weakness is ergonomics, but if you think the Moto Gamepad will fall into your hand, you will enjoy a lot of fun for the price of 89 euros.


  • ideal accessory for players
  • intuitive control
  • built-in battery


  • bad ergonomics
  • only for selected smartphones
  • some games require calibration
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