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NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player – Capable Smart Home Hub

Although the NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player is one gadget, people love it because it can do several things. As you can see in the name, it is a streaming player powered by Google Assistant; it can also be used as a gaming rig. Do you love music, movies, and gaming? This gadget is for you.

Introducing NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player

With this gadget, it is possible to stream top-notch PC games, enjoy fast-loading 4K HDR content with an output of 1080p video. With this, you also get the incredible Android TV OS offering thousands of apps, in addition to smart-home digital assistant compatibility.

If you love to watch, game, and even bring your own equipment to play, and you’re ready to part with some cash, this NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player could be the best option for you in the gadget market.

When you look at the gadget, you laugh at some who see it as just an oversized cigarette lighter. But I can assure you, this product does a whole lot more things than a cigarette lighter can.

Nvidia Shield Tv
Nvidia Shield Tv

NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player Design

This streaming player is a black long tube, or let’s call it, a cylinder. You can make it sit below your TV. It’s got a power port and an Ethernet port as well. There’s also a microSD card slot, an HDMI port, and a reset button.

It’s nice-looking with wires protruding from both ends; you could take it for an oversized cable. Take note that the NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player is a sturdy item. The solidity itself helps people to see the gadget as something worthwhile.

NVIDIA Shield TV Interface

This Android TV OS is a better interface than what used to obtain in the first generation of NVIDIA. You now have the opportunity to customize your home screen to put the content you want at the front and center. Of course, you can also get rid of content you don’t need.

See the content lined up in rows. On the first row are your favorite items; next comes Netflix content that you may have watched. Below, you may get stuff for YouTube or games. Get all the entertainment you want at your fingertips.

Check the NVIDIA games for a variety of Android games. Also, get GeForce Now to access the kind of games you need. There are games like Batman, Arkham City, and Tomb Raider. There are other newer games than these ones mentioned here.

Nvidia Shield Tv Streaming Player 1

Remote Control

NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player comes with a new remote control idea. This is primarily the best way to operate the system. But this time, there’s no actual remote control as users can use any controller they want, such as Android, Xbox One, and even DualShock 4. All you need to do is pairing and to do that is effortless.

NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player Price

It sells for $149.99 on Amazon. If you’re buying from sellers who don’t offer free Prime shipping, you could get it for a lower price. However, this is the standard price.

NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player Bottom Line

The new 2019 version of the product brings better things forward for buyers. I mean, it does a whole lot of stuff it used to do but now, even better! At the price it arrives, no one can complain about the performance of NVIDIA Shield TV, for it delivers from its AI upscaling to its solid game streaming operations. Are you a gamer and a streamer? This gadget provides just about everything you need.

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