OnePlus 6 – how to see the percentage of battery in the status bar

In this guide, I will explain, in simple steps, how to activate the display of the percentage of the battery in the status bar of OnePlus 6. OnePlus 6 is one of the best smartphones of 2018, boasts excellent hardware and software, based on Android Stock with very few customizations, runs smoothly and always fast. However, there are some shortcomings and often some problems arise. One of the main flaws I complained about in OnePlus 6 review was the failure to display the percentage of the battery in the status bar. The latest update of the OS to version 5.1.8 of the Oxygen OS has finally introduced the possibility to see the percentage of battery in all the screens.

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Before this last update of the firmware, to see the remaining charge of the battery it was necessary to swipe down the status bar, only after this action was it possible to see precisely the percentage of battery charge. In the default status bar, there was only a simple colored battery design based on the remaining charge. This setting was really uncomfortable and made it essential to do the swipe in order to understand the state of charge of their battery, it would have been a small correction to solve this little flaw on a software after all well done. Fortunately, this flaw was corrected with the latest firmware update of the operating system.

The latest update of Oxygen, version 5.1.8, has finally introduced the ability to see the remaining charge in percentage in the status bar, but this system is not active by default. So let’s see the simple steps necessary to activate this view.

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How to show the percentage of battery on OnePlus 6

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  1. Ensure you have installed the latest software update.
    (Settings > scroll to bottom > System Updates)
  2. Go to Settings, then under Customisation, select Status Bar
  3. Select Battery Style
  4. You’ll be given four options. Battery bar, battery circle, battery percent, and battery hidden. Select battery percent.
  5. Done!

In this way, you will have activated the display of % battery on the status bar of OnePlus 6. I also reveal that if you want you could already leave Android 8 and install the latest stable developer preview and switch immediately to the P version of Android, if you’re interested read my guide on how to install Android P on OnePlus 6.

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