Reset locked iPhone X without unlock code

Surely restoring a locked iPhone X or any other iPhone at first glance may seem like a difficult operation and not for everyone, especially if you do not remember the unlock code. The first thought that will have passed through your mind is undoubtedly that of getting help from the Apple warranty. In reality today you can consider yourself lucky because in today’s guide we will explain how to reset an iPhone locked with backup without spending even one euro. All you will need during operations will be your Desktop or laptop computer, your iPhone and an active Internet connection. Do not forget to keep the login credentials of the Apple ID account with you.

If you have everything you need we can start. Below we will now see how to reset iPhone X or any other iPhone without unlock code, advising you also to read the iPhone X review.

Reset iPhone X locked with backup – let’s see how to do it

Reset iPhone X

Here is the easiest method of all to restore your iPhone locked. You can, in fact, rely on this procedure and find again on board all the data at the end of the operation. However, we remind you that it will be necessary to have a backup available, otherwise, everything becomes useless.

Among other things, before starting, make sure that the service Find My iPhone is disabled and that you have already taken steps to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes at least once. After checking these requirements, you can finally proceed.

  1. Once you have connected your iPhone X or any other iPhone to your computer, open iTunes and tap the smartphone icon that remains in the toolbar;
  2. Here you must select the words Restore backup and from the drop-down menu that will appear choose the most recent backup to restore. To proceed beyond fairy a tap on Restore.

Once the operation is complete, you will be able to use your iPhone again at full capacity and re-enter the unlock code.

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