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Samsung Galaxy J7, J7 Pro, J7 Prime, J7 Max – See their differences

So Samsung after releasing the Galaxy J7 device had more coming for users as they followed suit with the Galaxy J7 Pro, J7 Prime and the J7 Max. Even if some of these devices would have their similarities which we would point out, we would also point out the differences.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max specifications

The thing is, based on this post, you would be at liberty to choose which one suits your expectations as the case may be. Guys lets take a walk into the world of Samsung J7 and its gang of follow-ups. STAY.


Galaxy J7: 5.5 inches

Galaxy J7 Pro – 5.5 inches

Galaxy J7 Prime: 5.5 inches

Galaxy J7 Max: 5.7 inches


Galaxy J7: Rear – 12 MP. Front – 12 MP.

Galaxy J7 Pro: Rear – 13 MP. Front – 13 MP.

Galaxy J7 Prime: Rear – 13 MP. Front – 8 MP.

Galaxy J7 Max: Rear – 13 MP. Front – 13 MP.


Galaxy J7: 

Galaxy J7 Pro: 3600 mAh

Galaxy J7 Prime: 3300 mAh

Galaxy J7 Max – 3300 mAh


Galaxy J7: 3 GB

Galaxy J7 Pro: 3 GB

Galaxy J7 Prime: 3 GB

Galaxy J7 Max: 4 GB

Internal memory

Galaxy J7: 16 GB

Galaxy J7 Pro: 64 GB

Galaxy J7 Prime: 32 GB

Galaxy J7 Max: 32 GB

Operating system

Galaxy J7 – Android 7.0 Nougat

Galaxy J7 Pro: Android 7.0 Nougat

Galaxy J7 Prime: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Galaxy J7 Max – Android 7.0 Nougat


Galaxy J7: Octa-core

Galaxy J7 Pro – Octa-core

Galaxy J7 Prime – Octa-core

Galaxy J7 Max – Octa-core

Fingerprint Sensor

Galaxy J7: YES

Galaxy J7 Pro: YES

Galaxy J7 Prime: YES

Galaxy J7 Max: YES

Galaxy J7 Max – YES
Well, there you have it. A comparison of specs among all members of the Samsung J7 gang of devices. This is why the decisions lie with you to determine which one suits you and is worth your cash. You can view the specs of the Samsung Galaxy J7 HERE, Galaxy J7 Pro HERE, Galaxy J7 Prime HERE and the Galaxy J7 Max HERE.

Please do let us know which is your preferred pick.

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