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Everyone knows that on July 24, 2018, Huawei decided to stop providing the Huawei bootloader unlock code for all their devices, so if you have not obtained it before that date, you will not be able to unlock the bootloader of your Huawei device. Honor, at least for free.

This decision has been much discussed by many users of the Android community, as this movement harms the freedom of this operating system, its biggest attraction, not allowing root or install custom ROMs on devices of the Chinese brand.

Huawei Honor 1

Luckily, thanks to HWdog and the clients that make use of its API as DC-Unlocker and HCU-Client we will be able to continue unlocking the bootloader of our device, but it will not be free for us since the use of the HWdog API is paid.

Because of this, we bring you a tutorial to unlock the bootloader of Huawei with these tools because the tutorial that we had previously has been obsolete, at least until Huawei change his mind about the codes.

Get code to unlock Huawei bootloader

First of all, you have to check that your device is currently supported, for this you have to visit this page. In case it is not supported, we do not guarantee that this method works and you will have to wait for them to add support to that device, although at the time of writing this tutorial the Huawei Mate SE is not supported but a user has managed to do it without problems.

To begin, we have to have the drivers of our device installed, in case of not having them, we will have to download and install HiSuite.

After that, we have to create an account to use the HCUClient program that will manage our available credits by clicking here. In the credits section, we have to put the credits that we want to buy according to the operation that we want to make. Each credit costs € 1 and to obtain the bootloader unlock code, 4 credits are needed. You can see the price of all the operations available here.

Once the account has been created and the credits have been acquired, we downloaded HCUClient from here, unzipped the zip file and executed HCU.exe . In case that when executing it we get the error 0xc0150002, we will have to install the redistributable package of Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 of 32bits and 64 bits.

We connect our device via USB to the PC, we write the following code in the call app * # * # 2846579 # * # * select “Background settings” then “USB ports settings” and “Manufacture mode“.

Now at HCUClient, we log in with our account and select “Read phone info” to read the data of our device.

Once the device data has been read, go to the “Unlock” tab and select “Read Bootloader Code“. When we select this option, in the section on the right it will show us the progress and finally the unlocking code of the bootloader of our device.

Use the code to unlock the bootloader

Once we have acquired the code, we only need to unlock the bootloader of our device. We must bear in mind that this process will format our device and in some models, it also deletes the internal memory, so it is advisable to make a backup of our data on an SD card or PC.

First of all, we have to download and install the ADB and Fastboot tools in order to perform the operations correctly (in the installation we select all Y).

We will also have to deactivate the FRP lock of our device, for this we go to Settings> System information and press 10 times on the compilation number to unlock the developer options. After this, go to Settings> Developer options and activate the “Enable OEM unlock” and “Enable USB debugging” checkbox.

Once installed, open a command window, to do this, press the Windows + R key, type cmd in the search box and press enter.

If we have the device connected, we write the following to restart in fastboot mode
adb reboot bootloader

Once in fastboot mode, we write the following to see the status of the bootloader
fastboot oem get-bootinfo

To unlock the bootloader we write
fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxx Where xxxxxxx will be our code.

resdz Bootloader Huawei

Once all this is done we will get a window to confirm that we want to unlock the bootloader, select “YES”. We will restart the device and we will have the bootloader unlocked ready to make all kinds of modifications.

In addition to this, HCUClient allows us to change the region of our device and eliminate the FRP lock in case of needing it, but like the bootloader unlocking, we will also have to go through the box.

This tutorial is not sponsored and TechVaz does not gain anything with it, we simply want to inform you that there are still processes to unlock the bootloader of Huawei and Honor devices although in this case, it is paying.

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