Vivo Nex 2, secondary display on the back and much more…

Vivo has been among the companies to try to go beyond the ugliness of the notch and it also explains the good success of Vivo Nex – as many of you remember, the smartphone was among the very first to boast a front-facing camera, thus proving to further maximize the screen to body ratio.

With Vivo Nex 2 the Chinese company could go even further, proposing a solution for the truth already seen with Nubia X. We refer of course to the dual display that would make it unnecessary to adopt a front camera (simply use the back screen to shoot a selfie …). In this case, however, it would be a secondary panel of absolute level, which would be closer to the quality of the main one.

Certainly a video unboxing of a mysterious smartphone (for many it will be the Vivo Nex 2 ) has turned on the curiosity for an LED ring that should go to surround and collect the three cameras on the back. Could it be a simple stage effect (will it be used for notifications?), Certainly from an aesthetic point of view it captures the attention…

I also look to the TOF Sensing Technology that, in addition to increasing the scanning speed of the face in 3D will be particularly useful in the field of augmented reality with a scene processing never been so fast.

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