What things should you not do on Facebook?

Facebook is the most important social network in the world, at least if we make a consideration of all of them based on the presence they have in our lives, as well as the number of users they have.

In this sense, we can not lose sight of the fact that it is a platform where, unlike Twitter, for example, we will be in contact with many of our relatives, friends, people with whom we share real life.

It is for this reason that using Facebook also forces us to be especially careful, since otherwise we can have problems, and we want you to avoid them by teaching you a series of tips on this.

What not to do on Facebook?

Avoid SPAM on Facebook

The first of the recommendations that exist in this sense is that you avoid by all means that your social network becomes a constant SPAM of the things you do since in that case you will end up tiring your followers.

It is not bad that you upload a photo with your dog, your partner or on vacation, but try not to abuse the amount of daily publications, because Facebook allows other users to hide them, and you will never know that they are no longer seeing your posts.

Something similar happens in case you are managing the page of a company on Facebook because again a couple of publications per day is not bad, but you must be very careful to exceed the advisable limits.

Expose Whole Life on Facebook

A bit in line with what we said earlier is the level of exposure of your life that you make through this social network. Remember that you can send private photos on Facebook to another person, you do not need everyone to see you in minor cloths.

Also, exposing too much information can put us in danger, taking into account that if we first show the address of our home, and then comment that we will be away for several days, that could be a sign for thieves.

Narcissism on Facebook

While it is clear that social networks lend a little to show the things we like about us and avoid those that least convince us, we have to try to manage within certain limits.

For example, in this sense, you have to bear in mind that although you can upload the photos of your last trip, it is convenient that you do not like the posts yourself, since it is something that others do not like, and It is well seen.

In the same way, even if you feel completely comfortable with your image or your physical appearance, it is convenient that from time to time you publish some other content, so that they are interspersed with the passage of time.

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Opinions on Facebook

Although it is clear that like any social network one of the main functions of Facebook has to do with each one contributing their point of view, sometimes it is better to keep it, or at least expose it in a more friendly way.

In this sense, we have to say that you should try to avoid by all means the use of bad words, as well as the publication of comments that may incite violence, racism or hatred.

What we are discussing applies to virtually everything from political issues to sports discussions, so we advise that if you do not like content, you should abandon it, and do not fall into these ugly customs.

Tag Another User on Facebook

Finally, although we know that all the previous attitudes can be annoying for other users, we have no doubt that one of the most unbearable is those who label third parties.

An occasional label is not bad for some generous raffle, for example, but we know of many users who tag a huge number of contacts on Facebook and in many cases, in publications that do not even interest them.

As you can see, all these recommendations have to do with common sense that we believe that most users handle, although we advise you to check your attitudes in order to corroborate that you do not fall into any of these bad practices.

Which of these things that should not be done on Facebook do you usually do?

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