WhatsApp could be blocked in India

It’s been months since WhatsApp is having serious problems in India. Fake news expands very quickly in the country, with the popular app being the most used medium. Something that has generated problems, including some deaths in the country. Therefore, the government of the country has demanded that the application be introduced measures, which at the moment have not been sufficient. And now, they threaten to take action.

WhatsApp could be blocked in India

Since now the application is threatened with blocking completely in the country. So no one in India can make use of the popular messaging app.

Problems for WhatsApp in India

The application has been having problems these months, but this threat is the most serious so far. On previous occasions, WhatsApp had been asked to take measures to prevent false news from spreading so easily. The app has introduced some changes, but they do not seem to have worked, which causes the government to run out of patience.

The government wants the application to tell them the origin of the false news. So that they can take legal action. But WhatsApp does not consider this appropriate since in this way the encryption is broken from end to end.

This decision does not end up sitting well in government in India. That is why they threaten to block the application in the country. If so, the app would lose a key market in which they are the leaders. We will see if finally, both parties reach some kind of agreement.

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