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ZTE Quartz Budget Friendly Smartwatch Review & Price

ZTE is a technology company best known for its budget-friendly phones. Among the recent smartwatches, this year is the company’s first Android Wear smartwatch and is all about affordability which means you should expect some compromises. Unlike its other high-end pricy Android Wear, the ZTE is going to cost you less than $200.

It runs on an Android Wear 2.0 like most recent smartwatches and offers a lates Android OS experience even though it does not come with LTE connectivity. ZTE made the Quartz smartwatch with the intention of appealing to those looking for something affordable or first-time smartwatch buyers unlike some other Android Wear 2.0 which either focus on the design or try to cram in as many features as possible.

The Chinese based company has always been about affordability which it has proven to be in the word of budget smartphones, but can it do that also with its first Android Wear smartwatch? I guess we will find out.

While it as an attractive price tag for people who would not like to spend big on a smartwatch, it will not be the choice of everyone. For users who prefer a smartwatch for fitness tracking utilities, you might want to look elsewhere as it does not have a heart rate sensor. Fashion-minded individuals who would like a smartwatch with a lovely design, the Quartz is a generic looking smartwatch so you might want to reconsider.

The ZTE Quartz certainly does not have the best design, but neither is it ugly. It is just about a little bit taller than the LG Watch Sport. It hides its bulky size in the sporty look peculiar to Huawei Watch and the LG device; it comes in a stainless steel casing with tachymeter which in this case is there for show. Underneath there is a plastic back which is somewhat out of place with the stainless steel casing but it does feel comfortable to run with.

At a price of about $192, you get a 46mm diameter smartwatch with 14.5mm thickness and a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with a 400 x 400 screen resolution. This is one hell of a bulky smartwatch it, however, compensates with a vibrant screen display.

The Quartz smartwatch comes with a black and blue silicone band, this however replaceable although ZTE is not offering any strap option as it is not too interested in accessories any 22mm strap should do the trick. There are some compromises that had to be made to make the ZTE smartwatch available at the price it is sold for, and this includes the absence of a heart rate sensor.

However there is a built-in GPS, Android wear 2.0, cellular and work as an average fitness companion. It also features standalone apps like RunKeeper and Strava that allows you to track your distance and pace without having to look at your phone. You also get a 4GB internal memory for storing music should you want to get your groove on without your phone. There is no NFC chip which is understandable at a price but it, however, has a whopping 500mAh.

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