5 Best File Managers for Organizing your iPhone

Our iPhones are powerful devices with rugged hardware. In as much as they have excellent capabilities, They could get clustered and disorganized and this is where a file manager comes into play. File managers help in organizing your device so that you know where all your files and folders are. They will create a platform for sorting, copying and pasting files, playing media files, and reading file formats. They’re a bunch of them for iOS, and we’d discuss them here.

Best File Managers for iOS

1. Documents by Readdle

1 Documents by Readdle

Documents 5 is a robust file manager for iOS devices. With it, you can manage whatever can be managed on your iPhone. The app is loaded with many features that make the managing of data and files easy on your iDevice. The app lets you have access to your entire Apple Music/iCloud Music Library, along with your Photos, iCloud files, and much more. Within the app, you can view images, read PDFs, and listen to audio files with the viewer functions. There is also support for .ZIP files for extraction and compression. If you want to make use of cloud services, the app comes integrated with some of them like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.


2. FileMaster

2 FileMaster

FileMaster also works as a file manager and is available for the iPhone. The application has tons of features that will do file managing in a productive way. Though you get a little dated UI from FileMaster, the features are still intact and functional. Create folders, text files, import photos, and other things with what FileMaster offers. There’s an inbuilt web browser from where files can be downloaded straight from the internet. So as not to have data loss, you can set and change forgotten passwords.


3. FileApp

3 FileApp

When you want a good file manager for iPhone, choose FileApp. Its interface is lovely and has different organizing modes. You can choose to organize files automatically by type, date, and you can even see the recent files that you have accessed on the app. There’s also the option of creating new images, audio recordings, or text files right from the app. You can also use the viewer to open images, audio files and PDFs all inside the app. The app also lets you get files from your iPhone across to your PC or Mac via HTTP, FTP, and using the FileApp desktop app.


4. Files Pro

4 Files Pro

Files Pro is also a good option for managing your files on iPhone. It supports major cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. There’s a web browser that can help you download whatever you want to be saved to your device. For security purposes, you can set a password to secure local data and remote access to your files. You can open and view different file formats, including PDF, HTML, Text, MS Office file formats and more. You can make the app more interactive by customizing the view with slideshow and thumbnails.


5. Pocket Drive

5 Pocket Drive

Pocket Drive works for iPhone and iPad and does the job well. Though you won’t think there’s much in it at first, the app has tons of features. The app allows you to create text, create videos and photos. The app also has ways of keeping your iPhone organized. With the web browser within the app, you can download files and save them in the app. There are also a bunch of settings that get you what you want, like WiFi file transfer, settings for the web browser, and the audio playback. There are also security features so that your files are not compromised.


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