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App to share files between Android and PC via WiFi

The best free apps to share any type of file or document between Android and PC windows via WiFi.

Most phone users have an Android phone, which is one of the most customizable, most dynamic and practical operating systems.

Today there are practical and free applications that will allow us to connect remotely to our devices and not only, but we can also perform actions such as transfer files without cables, send endless text messages, control devices remotely, watch the photos stored on the computer.

They are very practical tools for a world that is dizzyingly technological. Today we will see some of the best free applications for Android that will allow us to transfer files between the phone and the PC.


It is one of the most popular applications to access the Android system from the PC and transfer multiple files safely and reliably. Here is the list of its main features we have

  • Visibility of notifications on the PC for free
  • You can create phone backups
  • PC administration and SMS contacts
  • AirIME to write with the PC keyboard on the phone
  • We can take screenshots
  • Phone management to increase speed
  • Access to the camera
  • We can locate the phone in case of loss or theft

Once the application is configured on the phone, we go to the browser to access the official Airdroid website. From here we can create the account to access and manage our Android phone for free.

Click the Create an account button to create it. We can log in with our Google account, Facebook, among others. Once the process is complete, we access the Android system from the PC.

Download AirDroid Remote Access and File


Sweech relies on an FTP protocol to access the PC and then transfer more information. Sweech has been developed to facilitate access to the equipment and easily transfer various information such as files, music, videos, and apps. Its outstanding Sweech features are:

  • Simple interface
  • Access via IP address
  • We can encrypt the transfer using HTTPS
  • Transfer multiple files between devices
  • Remote multimedia playback on the PC
  • Compatible with systems such as PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone.
  • It does not require installation on the PC
  • Automatic configuration of the WiFi access point
  • You can share a selection of files with a short URL without giving access to all the contents of the device

Sweech is an excellent alternative to the transfer of files between Android and PC, for its use we must enter in the browser the URL provided by the application on Android which is the IP address plus port 4444.

Download Sweech – Wifi File Transfer

Portal – WiFi File Transfers

Portal was developed by Pushbullet and allows you to upload files that we want to transfer to a portal and from there transferred to PC or other devices wirelessly. Its most important features are:

  • You can transfer one or more files at the same time
  • Images are automatically transferred to Photos on the phone
  • Portal has the ability to save files in the SD
  • Simplicity of use

Portal only accepts transfers in one direction. For its use, we must go to the official website and scan the code that appears (Android or iPhone).

Once the code has been scanned, the connection will be established and the desired files for the phone will be loaded onto the PC.

Pushbullet – SMS on PC

Pushbullet is ranked as one of the best applications for file transfer between Android and PC. The Pushbullet app is great for file transfer and security. Its main features are:

  • Safe as it encrypts point-to-point transfers
  • Free
  • It has multiple languages of installation
  • We can see all the Android notifications on the PC
  • We will be able to respond to WhatsApp, Kik and Facebook Messenger messages directly from the PC.
  • Simple file transfer

Once installed Pushbullet, we access our Google or Facebook account for its use. Now we access the following web address.

From there we will install the Pushbullet application on the PC and in this way we can send files in both directions.

Download Pushbullet – SMS on PC

With these simple, safe and totally reliable alternatives, there’s no doubt that the process of transferring files between Android and PC will be a quick and fun task.

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