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Canva is a special software for businesses, organisations, and individuals is a very simple graphic design platform that allows them to create great quality and professional graphic designs. This good tool has a variety of powerful features, including some simple, quick drag and drop design functions and a large collection of over 1 million photos, graphics, and fonts. Help you spoiled for use.

Review Canva- Best design software for PC / Android

With Canva, anyone and everyone has a friendly, reliable design tool that makes it easy to come up with ideas and turn it into a beautiful design. Canva can be made to create professional designs for almost any purpose.

Do you need graphics for your presentation? How about posters for advertising campaigns? Do you require some visual charts to accompany your post content? Then there will be a Canva app to help you do it all.

Features and characteristics of Canva

Canva provides users, whether a novice designer or a professional, with this simple yet powerful design platform that can turn any idea into a beautiful work easily and fast. It is the most ideal design tool.

With Canva, it has tools and functions that allow you to create everything easily and seamlessly. And now Canva has great features. With basic functions to more advanced.

Canva has a large library of free images, but some images are available for $ 1.These images can be used for your design board.

In it, it also has a Filter that allows designers to use filters to automatically adjust the colors in the image, Blur, and Blur the image to be adjusted manually. Cut or rotate an image, in addition, there is an Opacity slider that can be used to perfectly blend the cover image.

Very beautiful fonts

There is no best design tool without a rich Font collection, allowing you to express yourself in your own way. Therefore, it is not surprising that here, Canva is rated as the most outstanding.

Accordingly, this Cavan software allows you to use hundreds of beautifully designed fonts for free, while you can also download your own fonts to the account if you upgrade to the Canva for Work option.

Specially designed brand colors and logos designed in some other software can also be uploaded if you are using the paid version of this tool.

Images, when designed or edited on Canva, can be downloaded or saved in PNG, JPEG or PDF file formats, but it allows you to share your images in limited numbers on social networks.

Other functions of the new Canva software

  • Add custom text and fonts to images
  • Photo editing (nuances, transparency, flip, cut, straighten, … and many others)
  • Free and premium photos, icons
  • Allow uploading your own images and icons
  • Resize images automatically
  • and more…

But by far the best thing about Canva is the number of extremely large images, helping you to choose freely

Canva graphics software is easy to use

But Canva’s true strength is how easy it is to use.

In it, it uses a drag and drop interface, which helps you do it quickly. Just choose and then drag the things you need to be okay, and this feature is quite popular because it will help them get used to it faster.

Canva‘s super-convenient drag and drop editor, along with a huge collection of images, fonts, and templates, make it easier for users to build documents and designs.

Users also have the option to create their own custom designs and templates. With easy editing of templates and designs, Canva helps users ensure consistency of the themes of their designs.

And this is the best photo editing application for users, more than a million images and fonts. You won’t need to go far to find anymore.

How to use Canva graphics tool for new people

1. Get to know Canva

Canva is like all other applications today. When you start, you sign up for an account (by Google+ or email address) and then just follow the initial instructions.

Next, Canva will prompt you to choose the type of graphics you are trying to create, then suggest different sample images for you to choose to practice.

Canva is easy to use, even easier than Microsoft Paint.

Once you have selected the layout and template you want, then customize. Everything is drag and drop, and the text can be edited like text boxes in any other graphic design software. 

Can Canva be free?

This is where a small difference comes between free and paid users.

You will be able to use 1,000,000 images for premium accounts. The free account is more limited.

For those who are using the free version, Canva has slightly more restrictive templates available for you to choose and limit your collaboration group to 10 members.

Even more importantly, it doesn’t let you choose any image. Any image you want to use will have to be your own or licensed for you to use. It will sell you pictures with $ 1.

People who choose to pay for an enterprise-level account will have a 30-member group account, plus access to a 300,000-image database.

It can also help you resize your design. Other highlights include changing custom fonts, color palettes and the ability to save samples quickly.

There are currently 3 packages of prices in Canada:

>> Canva Free – $ 0 (forever)
>> Canva For Work – $ 12.95
>> Canva Enterprise – Get in touch

Of course, as a free member, you will not have access to the full Canva experience but you can still do a lot of work with a free account.

Experience using Canva!

Because Canva brought many options to design good images, I was curious and tried it. I was interested because it’s so easy to use and requires higher resolution files. And I was surprised when I tested some ads, the system will have the option to download the file as printable PDF.

In addition to downloading copies of your completed blueprint, you can also share them directly on Twitter or Facebook. You can also email people from within the tool to invite them to collaborate on the design for their work.

Canva application for Android / IOS

The mobile application was launched in 2016 and although it has been greatly improved since then, Canva mobile application (iOs and Android) however it will not be as good as the desktop version.

However, it is also quite good and you can still create a good image “on the fly”.

However, I do not use the Canva application on my phone because I do most of my work on the computer / PC, because it has more functions, as well as the computer is better because it handles fast.

Evaluate Canva software on Windows


  • Create images quickly
  • PDF presentation- Canva’s mobile application and various presentation templates for a meeting and event to speak
  • Social media images- 80% of the time I use Canva to create social media images, cover images / Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • Canva has no long setup process, this is good for those who want to test it.
  • User-friendly.
  • Great template for marketing, promotion, and design.
  • Anyone can learn how to use it quickly.
  • Canva offers a number of options for exporting files, so whether you need PNG or PDF, it can still be printed or sent.


  • Many good features, free.
  • More fonts, styles and lots of other things.
  • Many special tools
  • There are restrictions for the free version and invoices can be added if you want to use paid options.
  • Canva needs to have more functions in terms of editing parts such as selecting unusual shapes of images to cut.

Basic guide when starting to use Canva

1. Prepare and Start

If you are a graphic designer for a company, advertising, branding to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram … then you should prepare how you will design.

Especially, you should choose seasonally, for example, on the days or seasons of Christmas, New Year … how should you choose and with your products.

Canva has a collection of specific, professional templates for many contents. Sample pages are organized into categories – content types – and subcategories for topics… For example, you can choose between templates for posters and presentations, based on the content marketing strategy you created in the previous step.

In addition, each has been optimized for the right sizes for things like banners, names and covers for specific websites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Remember that these patterns mean things to start designing and getting ideas. For many creative professionals, from writers to designers, you can see that starting with a framework is nothing of one of the biggest challenges. 

With these templates, you don’t have to create your content from scratch or hire a professional designer just to create your daily graphics and graphics.

Using Canva’s built-in media library, we will look for an image of a cute kitten to attract everyone’s attention.

To get started, enter one or two keywords in the search bar and choose from any image or illustration – that means no more Google image search. 

The rich gallery contains many other topics and content, such as abstract images, buildings, landscapes, people and animals. When you have found the perfect image, just drag it into your design and drop it.

Canva also allows you to download your own images and use them for your design, and this is perfect for adding logos and other brand images to the content.

4. Collage of images and words (text)

If you are just starting to use it, Canva provides a shortcut- The font pairing tool.

First, choose your font. Then, this handy tool shows you the best font combinations for the font you have chosen, and you can also practice here. Font pairing tool.

5. Change the image with the filter

Filter is a great tool to easily change the color tone of the image. In addition, applying custom filters on your various posts can help create topics and align your campaigns with each other, increasing consistency and being recognizable.

To add filters, select your image, click the filter button (filter), then choose from any of the 14 custom filters available in Canva. Use the slider to adjust the effect level of the filter.

There are also advanced options that allow you to play with different settings such as brightness, contrast and saturation or to add effects like vignettes.

6. Resize the whole design

You can redesign the whole image according to the size of each person, and you can use Canva’s Magic Resize tool called Canva’s Magic Resize tool.

Magic Resize tool is available for Canva for Work users – paid plan starts at $ 12.95 per month. But if you’re using free tools, don’t be afraid because we’ve included some alternative resizing directions below.

That said, Magic Resize is a time-saving feature that allows you to copy and resize a design into formats for different channels. Just click “File”, navigate to “Magic Resize”, then select the different formats you want to use to adjust your image.Then, click the “resize” button and you’re done.

7. Use Sidebar

The side bar, also known as the Sidebar of Canva, is where you will find all your editing tools. The Layout tab will give you different designs, which you can change to each layer you need, while the Background tab leaves you with a more basic template to choose from.

The Text tab has a lot of text boxes to choose from and the “Upload” tool allows you to add new images if you don’t find anything in the Search tab.

If you find it good, please share it with me. Thank you!!!

Download Canva- Latest software version

Now everyone can download Canva for use on computers or Android.

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