Google Play Will Verify Applications Installed Offline

Since the eleventh version of Google Play Service was introduced, a security system was added, Google Play Protect. This security server also has machine learning that is capable of detecting installed third-party applications. Finally, Google Play will confirm applications installed offline.

Android apps are free across multiple platforms. It uses the .APK format file. Normally the .APK file is a pirated or modified app. There are also a number of valid .APK files uploaded by the developer themselves to facilitate users. This latest Google Play confirmation will detect the installed APAP app and will continue to be listed in the list of user applications on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Protect No Problem

Google’s purpose of making such decisions is to prevent pirated applications and to collect data for developers to receive more users, to facilitate updates, to improve the Google Play mobile app ecosystem as well as security. So apps that have been included in the list on the Google Play Store are indirectly being apps distributed by Google Play.

Google also introduced “Play-authorized.” Where apps installed via the Google Play Store or offline are legitimate and original. So, any offline-installed apps, i.e., through .APK files will continue to be updated in the Google Play Store as they have been verified. In the future, Google can also verify the authenticity of an application offline.

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