How To Know Whether Your Instagram DM Has Been Read

Even if Instagram began as an uncomplicated photo-sharing application, it has grown to become a cool platform with lots of amazing, entertaining, and interesting features. One specific feature is Direct Messages (DMs), which was launched 7 years ago.

Since 2013, DMs have gone on to become a regular form of communication for heavy social media users. For the people who have battled the pain of waiting a long period of time to get a response to a DM, there is a way to save yourself this stress.

In this tutorial, we will break down ways you can know if your Instagram direct message has been read. Even if this will not help you to get a reply any sooner, you will at least be aware that the person you sent the message to, got it or not. See How To Know Whether Your Instagram DM Has Been Read:

How Can I Tell If Someone Has Read Your Instagram Direct Message?

Instagram offers quick feedback to let users know if a message has been read (or at least seen) by its recipient. If the message is private (1 on 1), “Seen” will be visible beneath your message when the recipient reads it. This works like the regular read receipts we are used to on other messaging applications. However, depending on the kind of message you sent, and the relationship between you and the recipient, your read receipts might be different. Here is what we mean:


Know Instagram DM Read
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If you are following the person, and the person is following back, you will be able to view their Instagram handle close to “Seen” in the lower left-hand corner of your message. This image will explain better:


Know Instagram DM Read
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If you are interested in your group messages, you will view the username close to “Seen” in the lower left-hand corner indicating they’ve read your message.

Not Following:

Know Instagram DM Read
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If you are sending a message to a private account and the owner is yet to accept your follow request, you will know nothing until the following status changes. Once you send a friend request to one of these accounts, it will be visible as a “message request” and it is up to the user to accept or reject. You will also not be notified if your request was declined.

How Can I Read DMs On Instagram While Remaining Invisible?

There will be times when you might be too busy and not have the time to relate with someone via DM, but still wish to check their messages for vital content to reply later. Because you cannot turn off read receipts on Instagram, a workaround is needed.

As you already know, Instagram will not reveal your “Active” status to your followers and friends, therefore this is something you must consider when dodging DMs. Even if this method requires lots of effort, it is not so hard. The idea is to simply disconnect your device from the Internet before reading the message, so that you cannot send a read receipt.

How Can I Hide My Instagram Activity?

  • Launch your Instagram Application. Do not immediately open the DM when it comes in.
  • Disable WiFi and/or cellular data or switch your device to Airplane mode.
Know Instagram DM Read
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  • You can now open the message and read it. This will queue up a read receipt to send, however, it cannot send since there is no internet.
  • Go back to your profile page or leave the conversation.
  • Log out and then exit the Instagram app.
Know Instagram DM Read
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  • Enable WiFi and/or cellular data or switch Airplane mode off.
  • You can launch Instagram if you want to, however, do not go back into the conversation. If you do, the application will send the queued read receipt.

That is that.

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