How to prevent Google Maps from asking you to write reviews of places you visit

Google partly feeds its maps thanks to the selfless collaboration of users, who can add reviews, classifications and suggest changes to the place. The problem is that Google Maps can get very heavy, asking you to constantly review activities, places, etc. that you just visited.

Google Maps includes many notifications that inform you about traffic, nearby events, the route while browsing or new places nearby. There are many, but luckily you can get rid of those that don’t interest you.

How to prevent Google Maps from asking you to write reviews of places you visit from the Android options

There are basically two ways to prevent Google Maps from asking you to write reviews for each business you visit- from the Android options and from Google Maps itself. On mobile phones with Android Oreo or later, you can configure the notification channels from the system and without having to open Google Maps.

To disable reviews from Google Maps, it is necessary to go to the Information section of the application and there are several ways to configure.

  • From Settings – Applications, in addition to long touch the application, then touch the information icon. Then go to Notifications and look for the category called Password entry tips.

From here you can completely disable the notification or change it so that it does not appear on the lock screen, does not sound or appears in the form of silent notifications. You decide.

How to prevent Google Maps from asking you to write reviews of the places you visit from Google Maps

If you have an older version of Android than Android Oreo or simply prefer to make the change from Google Maps, the process is just as simple. In Google Maps, you need to open the side panel and touch Settings. Then go to Notifications and then Your reviews. There you will find three options- you have to turn off Tips for writing reviews.

Once done, Google Maps won’t bother you anymore, so you can write reviews of the places you’ve just visited. Another category that you probably want to disable is Share and tag photos, just above and that does the same thing, but reminds you to upload photos.

Bonus- avoid being remembered in the mail

If you signed up for the Google Maps Local Guides program, you may receive emails in addition to the above notifications. In these emails, you are generally told that you have not written reviews or uploaded photos for a long time. You can prevent this from happening.

To achieve this, go to everyone in the mail, where you will find two links. One of these allows you to completely cancel your subscription, while in the other you can choose which categories of emails you want to continue receiving and which ones you don’t.

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