How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Pictures On iOS Devices?

Recently, WhatsApp unveiled its Snapchat Stories clone named Status, which is now quite popular. “Status” allows you to upload several pictures and clips of your whereabouts throughout the day, in such a way that they unite to tell your story for that day. After 1 day, your “Status” will be reset automatically.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Pictures
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If anybody in your contacts updates their Status, it will be seen in the new Status tab. And you can click on a specific contact’s icon to see their status. However, WhatsApp does not presently let you download Status pictures and clips directly to your device.

Despite the prohibition, you might still need to download a picture or 2 from a friend’s status update someday so we are here to help. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to download WhatsApp Status pictures and clips of your friends, straight to an iOS device.

How Can I Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Pictures On iOS Devices?

The official WhatsApp application for iOS has no button to allow you to download someone’s WhatsApp Story. However, a 3rd party WhatsApp tweak named WhatsApp++ has included the facility to download pictures and clips as you see other peoples’ stories. Your downloads will be stored on the Camera Roll in the Photos application, therefore you will have no trouble accessing them in the future.

Because WhatsApp++ is not an official tweak, it will not be found on the App Store. And normally, you need to jailbreak your iOS device to have it installed. However, because of BuildStore, WhatsApp++ can be installed on your iPhone, without needing to jailbreak it. You just need a $9.99/year per phone subscription to BuildStore.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Pictures

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Be aware that installing WhatsApp++ from BuildStore will force you you uninstall the original WhatsApp app.

  1. Get the original WhatsApp app uninstalled from your iPhone if it’s already installed.
  2. Get yourself signed up for a fresh BuildStore account and register your iPhone.
  3. On your registered iPhone, launch Safari and head to the WhatsApp++ app page.
  4. Click “Install.”
  5. As soon as it is installed, register WhatsApp++ with a valid phone number.
  6. Launch WhatsApp++, click the Status page and see the specific Status that you wish to download media from.

When the specific picture or video that you wish to download is playing, simply click “Download” in the bottom right corner and the file will immediately be downloaded to your Camera Roll.

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