How to upload YouTube videos to WhatsApp statuses

In this tutorial, we will explain how to insert a youtube video, the music of a YouTube video or a YouTube video link in WhatsApp status on Android or iPhone.

WhatsApp is an essential application in most phones. With a number of features that are updated very frequently, this app has won the hearts of millions of users.

Although he has also made some complaints about security and data privacy issues. Even so, communicating through chats or video calls has become essential for many of us.

In a world where WhatsApp has become one of the main modes of communication, everything that we publish in our account as a status or profile picture becomes a window on our lives.

With the arrival of the 24-hour state on WhatsApp, “copy of Instagram stories” for many users, the ability to insert images that disappear after 24 hours has become real fun. In case you are tired of always seeing the photos and in this case you want to be more original, we will explain how to upload YouTube videos in the states of WhatsApp.

How to upload YouTube videos to WhatsApp statuses

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is download the YouTube video. For this, we must follow a series of steps that are explained in the tutorial that you find in the link below.

How to download YouTube videos

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the video on our phone, we can proceed to the publication in our WhatsApp state. For this, we enter the WhatsApp app and select “New status”

Now it’s time to select the video we downloaded on our phone. We will see that WhatsApp only allows you to upload videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds. We must select the part that we like best and that we want to publish.

In case we want to publish more parts of the video, we can do it in several separate states.

In this way, we will be able to upload video and audio from YouTube to WhatsApp states. Remember that if you like being original, you can also upload holograms in your states.

How to insert a YouTube link in the WhatsApp status

WhatsApp also allows you to enter a YouTube link in the state for 24 hours.

Access YouTube and choose the video you want to share as a link through the WhatsApp status.

Once finished, press the screen and a series of options will appear at the top of the video. Click on the Share arrow.

In the next screen, at the bottom click on the “Share in WhatsApp” option.

Here you will see the options to be shared. Click on “My status” which is the first option at the top of the screen.

Here you will see the link and the video card through which you can access Youtube. In the lower part will appear 3 icons, that of the doll allows you to add emoji to your state with links; with that of the letter, add some text and finally with that of the palette to change the color of the background. After editing it, send it to your state by pressing the arrow button in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to upload YouTube music to WhatsApp statuses

You may not want to upload the YouTube video but only a song in the video. For this, you must follow the following steps.

The first thing you should do is take another smartphone phone and go to YouTube, then select the song you want to listen to in your state. Once selected, you should let it play and take the smartphone phone.

Now that the song is playing, select enter WhatsApp and select “my status“. Press the center button to start recording video while the song is playing.

When recording the video, it is advisable to frame on a black surface or place the smartphone on a table with the camera facing down, in case we do not want to record anything in particular.

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