How Can I Check Verizon Text Messages Online?

Have you thought about yourself anticipating a very key SMS that you just cannot afford to skip? You will be checking your mobile phone repeatedly, hoping for that text to come in.

It would be a disaster if you left your smartphone somewhere, making you unable to access your messages and respond instantly. Or not?

If you are a Verizon user, this issue is not your cup of tea. This is because Verizon lets their customers access their messages online. Definitely, this means you can hold on for that message to come in on your PC, no matter where you are.

This is how you can check Verizon text messages online.

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Check Your Verizon Text Messages Online

Checking your Verizon text messages online is not complicated in any way and anyone can achieve this. Simply adhere to the instructions below and you will be granted instant access to every of your Verizon SMS on your PC as soon as possible:

  1. Head to Verizon’s website Here.
  2. Type in your response to the required fields and have yourself logged into your web browser.
  3. Access Account on the My Verizon homepage.
  4. Tap Text Online.
  5. Read and agree with the terms and conditions.
  6. Select a convo to see messages.

If you have a business account, get yourself logged into My Business. Everything else is actually the same from there as well.

If you intend to respond to a text or send a new one online, it is possible too. The steps do not change, you just have fill the required fields that is visible on the right.

Type in a phone number that you intend to send a message to in the “To:” field. 10 phone numbers can be used simultaneously.

When you are done with that, compose a text in the field “Your Message” and tap Send. You will not be able to use more than 140 characters in your message.

If you intend to include attachments in your texts, pls be aware that it might not work for phone numbers that do not belong to Verizon. Meaning, use attachments for only Verizon numbers, to be certain the person will receive it.

Apart from making use of Verizon’s website for receiving and sending SMS, it can also be used for browsing their store and shopping for equipments being sold by them. Wearable tech, smart watches, laptops, tablets, smartphones are all for sale.

To explore their store, just tap “Shop” on their official website.

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Use The Verizon Messages Plus App

If you need another apt solution and do not just fancy logging in to Verizon’s website always, the Verizon Messages Plus app can step in to make that happen.

The Verizon Messages Plus app is available for download on the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android. There is also a desktop app and a web app from their website. The application lets you access your Verizon text messages on any phone, whenever you want, from any location.

Simply download the Verizon Message Plus app to your desired phone. As soon as you are done with that, you will be asked to sync the phone that you intend to track texts from.

You can sync your smartphone by typing in your phone number. When you are done with that, Verizon automatically sends a verification SMS to the number you provided.

This SMS will present you the verification code required to type in the app. After that, select a nickname and you are set.

The application will reveal a list of your convos. Sending texts from the app and creating and managing group chats will now be possible.

With the latest updates, the app lets you make use of the features below:

1. Drive mode – Deactivate incoming messages and notifications so you do not get disturbed as you drive.
2. HD Voice Calls
3. HD Video Calls
4. Message Scheduling
5. Tons Of Emojis And GIFs

Customers can create their personal GIFs and edit images with the latest features that have been added.

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