Instagram to Begin Paying Publishers for News Content

New reports have it that Instagram wants to be the go-to place for social media publishers who desire to get paid for the content they produce. The company may soon begin to examine only qualified publishers for this paid position on its platform. Social media experts say this could make the platform emerge ‘as a reliable news and information source.’

The move has been in the mind of Instagram management for some time but has been held in waiting due to not so clear reasons. Users were expecting a concrete date for commencement by the second half of 2020 but now it is clear that this move has been shifted to a later date that is unknown.

Instagram plans to try the program out with a few creators first in its initial testing of this revenue sharing program. Those who would be chosen will be able to make use of IGTV section. There has been an example of this, as seen in the Instagram and Buzzfeed program just announced on IGTV social. The series is called “Buzzfeed’s Show Off.”

Instagram Ad Revenue
Instagram Ad Revenue

A report from Axios revealed that there has been a partnership between Instagram and ATTN in which IB paid ATTN to create GOTV videos and other pertinent content. At this moment, the company is silently selecting a few publishers that may avail themselves of this new revenue sharing program.

Instagram is a Facebook company, and as such, some publishers have been switched. That means Instagram will be careful as it constructs its monetization policies. The company is said to be figuring out how this will work smoothly.

Unverified reports claim that Instagram will get 55% of ad revenues that creators make from each IGTV video. The platform already has many opportunities for publishers to promote posts, so this addition means people may be able to get full-time income from Instagram.

One very beautiful facet of this is the mention of badges that allow paid comments to remain on top. Fans who want their comments to be at the top of fans’ reactions can pay to have them where people can easily see them.

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