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Moov HR Sweat Fitness Tracking Headband And Fitness Coach

Recently heart rate monitoring has been taking different forms,  from the conventional chest and wrist heart rate monitor to the new Moov HR Sweat; an head-band based heart rate monitor that takes its reading from your temple. This the third fitness tracker by Moov after the Moov and Moov Now a heart rate monitor that capitalise on the recent fitness trend to deliver HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

The HIIT workouts are a type of fitness activity that focuses on more intense workouts for a shorter period of time. The HIIT workout is designed to get your heart pumping fast and working in certain heart rate zones to exert specific effects be it building endurance, improving overall cardiovascular fitness or burning fat. The firm’s previous fitness tracker Moov Now was a huge success and widely known for its innovative exercise and activity tracking.

The Moov HR can also work hand in hand with the Moov Now which gives a whole new dimension on exercise circuits within the app that supports both wearables like the HIIT Running. However, with a price of about a $100 the Moov HR is more expensive than the Moov Now fitness tracker. If you already own a Moov Now, the Moove HR will be an excellent addition to the Moov app’s great real-time coaching tips.

The Moov HR comes with a new heart rate sensor by Moov, the kind you would find in the likes of Apple and Fitbit fitness tracking products. The only difference is that the Moov HR’s heart rate sensor is in the head rather than on the wrist and it takes reading from the temple because Moov thinks that would give more accurate results.

The Moov HR Sweat setup consists of a thin, black washable headband made from spandex and nylon. There is a small silicone casing inside the band which is where the Moov’s HR sensor is. The inclusion of the optical heart rate sensor make the one used in the Moov Now, however it still small enough to be easily lost in your gym bag. Buttons are absent. However, you can tap on the sensor to pair with the companion app when you are about to begin your workout.

There is a small charging item that clips onto the back of the pair of charging pins present on the sensor.To get started you would have to set up the HR Sweat which is pretty much easy, although it can take a few attempts to ensure that heart rate is being read properly. To start a workout session, you would need to venture to the Moov app to pick out your workout.

There are currently eight workout options to choose from in total. You have the HIIT Foundation, Athletic conditioning, Cardio Blast, Running, Indoor Cycling, an HR recording mode, open HR training and Explosive Power. The HR Sweat battery life lasts for about 6 hours and if you workout for about one hour a day then it should serve you for about six days which is good enough.

What is The Current Moov HR Sweat Price and Availability Status?

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