HomePortronics Yogg X smartwatch with fitness tracking and OLED display launched – Specs & Price

Portronics Yogg X smartwatch with fitness tracking and OLED display launched – Specs & Price

Portronics, one of the best mobile accessory manufacturers has just launched its wellness series of smartwatches with the Portronics Yogg X. The Yogg X is unarguably the first of the line of fitness watches to come from the company. It has a slim, elegant look and weighs only 20 grammes in size. It has a touch-enabled detachable dial and a waterproof design (IP67) which can allow it to stay approximately a meter or 3 feet in water for up to 30 minutes at most.

Its touch-enabled screen can show time and date, a dial, and the battery status. When the watch is put to sleep, it can be awakened anytime it is needed just by simply touching on the right surface.

The core purpose of the Portronics Yogg X smartwatch is to allow you to track your fitness level by giving you the space to set fitness goals and monitor them using the built-in sensors that come with the device. It works by allowing you to synchronise the data or fitness result with your smartphone using the Yogg X application and then when you achieve those results, it alerts you via a notification.

Portronics Yogg X SmartWatch Specifications, Key Features and Key Highlights

Portronics Yogg X


  • Daily Goals tracking.
  • Monitoring all day activity.
  • Social media notifications.
  • Auto lost reminder – reminds you if you left your phone behind.
  • Reminders for daily schedules.
  • Sleep Monitoring.

The Portronics Yogg X wearable allows you to track the number of calories you burn per fitness activity as well as the distance you’ve covered during an exercise, e.g when you are jogging and you want to know how far you’ve gone. You can also track your sleeping pattern, how deep it was or how quick. You can experiment this further with your evening habits like reading, watching television, eating or even chatting on Whatsapp.

Talking about Whatsapp, the Yogg X also allows you to track your social media activities with notifications popping up on your screen whenever a new message or news appears on your feed. It can also help you track your incoming SMS, missed calls, emails, goals achieved and reminders.

Portronics Yogg X fitness tracker

Asides this, you can also control or monitor your schedules for the day with reminders popping up to remind you of the one you forgot to do or the one you just ticked off your list.

Other interesting features of the Yogg x are its organic light emitting diode(OLED) screen which can be awakened anytime, giving you the ability to switch between modes. Its detachable dial which allows you to change the scrap based on your taste or the occasion you wish to wear it to. Once the Yogg X is fully charged it can actually take you up to five days before another charge is required because it comes with a 55mAh battery capacity.

The Yogg X allows you to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 which actually consumes less power and once it’s paired for the first time, it connects automatically afterwards; no need for a second pair. But to connect the fitness watch to your smartphone, you need the “Yogg X” application which can be easily found on the Google Playstore or App Store. Once the app is installed on the phone, all you need to do is launch it and follow its simple and intuitive UI to connect.

The Yogg X simply brings the benefit of wearable technology for health, style and fitness conscious people. It allows them to do more with less. It can be gotten either in black or red colour and it has an operating temperature of between -20 degrees celsius to -40 degrees celsius.

Portronics Yogg X Smart Fitness Watch Availability and Price Details

Price they say is mostly the problem, but the Yogg X only costs Rs. 2499 which is quite affordable for what it offers. The Yogg X can be bought both online and offline in India.

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