Top 5 Things To Know About Nokia 7.1 As It Goes On Sale

One thing spectacular about the Nokia 7.1 is that it brings along with it new innovations. The Android-based smartphone went on pre order on the 5th of October 2018 and will be shipped by October 28. It will be on sale for the price of 349 USD or 299 Pounds.

With what the phone packs, it appears to be the latest mid-range smartphone with a very reasonable price. More than that, it is going places.

Here below, we take a brief look at the five amazing things you must know about Nokia 7.1 before you buy it.

Nokia 7.1 Unique Selling Point

We thought this should be the first among aspects under review.

For every successful product, there must be a unique selling point that pushes it to success. Nokia 7.1 has this feature. Accordingly, we see that in the display features of the device. It comes with 5.84 inches screen, having a Full HD+ resolution of 1080 x 2280. The screen protection is Corning Gorilla Glass 3. In addition to that, it comes with real time SDR to HDR conversion pipeline.

Apart from other specifications or features, this is a winning aspect for the Nokia 7.1

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Cost Effective Price

This is one area we mentioned at the outset. From October 5th, 2018 the Nokia 7.1 has been available for pre-orders in 349 Euros for the #GB/32GB variant, or 299 Euros for the 4GB/64GB variant, and according to analysts, this is a game changer for the pricing department in smartphone world.

Nokia 7.1 Raises The Bar

Last year, Nokia 7 sold for $400 and was a China-only smartphone. Nevertheless, the Nokia 7.1 is coming to several European cities, and going as far as the United states for as less as 350 USD. Isn’t that amazing? Add to that, the plethora of new innovations and accessories that were not available in 2024.

Android 9 Pie on Nokia 7.1

We thought users of Nokia 7.1 would have to wait longer to have the Android 9 Pie. The information reaching us is that as soon as the users get their device, they can receive upgrades immediately. Make no mistake, it is shipping with Android Oreo but it is ready to receive the latest Android Pie.

With that, Nokia 7.1 will be able to receive OS updates for two years. Some of the benefits users have through the use Android 9 Pie are the potential of having Android Pie’s adaptive battery feature. In this way, you can stretch out the 3060 mAh battery.

Nokia 7.1 Has Cool Accessories

This is another thing that makes the arrival of the device special. HMD has promised to release two new Nokia accessories. The first is the Wireless earbuds and the Nokia Pro Wireless Earphones. The True Wireless earbuds offer 3.5 hours of play time, and they are waterproof in nature. They also can get three charges from the wireless charging case. The Pro Wireless are connected to neckbuds and can offer 10 hours of playback.

We even learned that both can be used to answer calls without having to take your smartphone out with you.


Nokia 7.1 is the product of the moment. It is not a top-notch smartphone but a mid-range device. However, what makes it great is that it brings with it some cool aspects that those purchase mid-range smartphones were not enjoying.  We look forward to Nokia’s ability to add to that innovation in the next release after the release of Nokia 7.1.

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