ZUI 11.1 Update For Lenovo Z6 Pro Users In China Starts Release

In 2014, Lenovo acquired the Motorola company and with Lenovo Mobile merged with Motorola in 2024, no new Lenovo brand will be sold. However, last week Motorola came as a surprise to start selling Lenovo Z6 Pro at a competitive price.

Lenovo Z6 PRo 3

This means that Lenovo will have to keep up to date with the software updates to ensure better sales of their devices. Recently in China, Lenovo has begun distributing the ZUI 11.1.036 update. This update brings about a lot of changes and under this paragraph is a log of this update;

  • U-Health application is redesigned.
  • New theme.
  • 3-finger gesture support for screenshots.
  • U-Touch gesture navigation – scroll left app, scroll up to launcher homepage, scroll up and hold for open apps list, scroll left from center to back.
  • HD audio support for Bluetooth.
  • The percentage of battery is now in the battery icon to save space.
  • New display settings that now support HDR10.
  • New cloud storage service to back up device settings, notes, alarms, and contacts.

Lenovo Z6 PRo 1

Because this is a ZUI for users in China, and global users will have to wait a little longer for this update. This is because the global version of ZUI is very different from the Chinese version, such as no U-Touch support or cloud storage service.

Hopefully, the global version of ZUI will not take long.

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