How To Create Folders On A Mac Computer And Keep Your Files Organized?


Folders are an amazing way to store several documents, pictures and other files in a coordinated manner and a brilliant way to ensure your Mac’s desktop is not filled with excessive files.

If you love your Mac to have a neat desktop, where all your several files are well arranged and not complicated to locate, then you should use folders.

On a Mac, folders can be utilized to save all kinds of files, whether it’s a text document, a spreadsheet to images, songs e.t.c. Plus it is even possible to use folders inside folders for more co-ordination.

But before we discuss how your folders can be used in your Mac, lets highlight how they can be created and how files can be moved in and out.

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How Can I Create A Folder On A Mac Computer?

  1. Head to the desktop of your Mac. You will see “Finder” at the top left corner of your screen. As soon as you get there, if any other thing is said such as “Safari” or “Word”, technically, you remain in that program, therefore, therefore, simply tap an empty space on your desktop.
  2. Tap “File” close to “Finder.*
  3. Tap “New Folder”.

And you are done. You just created a folder.


You can:

  1. Head to the desktop of your Mac.
  2.  Right tap on your mouse or use double fingers held tight together to aid the creation of a right tap on your trackpad.
  3. Tap “New Folder” in the menu that is visible.

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How Can I Edit And Include Files In A Folder On A Mac?

As soon as your folder is created, it gets named “untitled folder.” To alter this name, simply double tap on it or right tap on the folder and select Rename.

To get files moved into the folder, just drag them to it by tapping on the specific file and moving it to the folder. Also remember that it is the same step you have to take if you intend to create a fresh folder inside that folder.

If you decide to get rid of a folder, it is possible to have them dragged over to your PC’s Trash, or right tap on the folder and choose “Move To Thrash.” from the displayed menu.


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