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How To Fix iPhone That Won’t Block Texts?

Telemarketers and promoters are experts at finding ways to avoid SMS blocks. For instance, if the sender is private or unknown, you cannot block the number the normal way. However, there is something else you can do.

These methods will not give the same outcome you will get from blocking known senders, but they should still help to get rid of the frustration that comes with unwanted texts. Let’s expatiate on How To Fix iPhone That Won’t Block Texts?:

iMesages Spam Reports

As soon as you receive an iMessage from an unknown sender, the message will come with a “Report Junk” option. Immediately you click on that option, the sender ID and the message will be forwarded to Apple. The company will then analyze the text and the sender to find out if it is spam or a bot. As soon as your report has been analyzed, that individual will not be able to send you any more message.

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A Different Method

Unless “Report Junk” is visible, you can always email Apple about the issue. You just have to screenshot the message and add the sender’s phone no or email. On top of that, you will have to include the message time and date.

Get all that info and send it to [email protected]. It will be wise to include a short breakdown of your issue too.

Message Filters

Like I said earlier, blocking normal texts (not iMessages) from unknown senders cannot happen the regular way. However, you can filter the texts and have them separated from the ones you want to receive. It is the same way the spam folder for your email works, meaning you will still receive the texts, but you will not receive any notifications.

To set the filter, tap Settings, head into “Messages” and then click the button close to “Filter Unknown Senders” to enable it. As soon as you do this, an “Unknown Senders” tab would be visible in the Messages application and all the texts will go there.

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Again, this is different from blocking the sender altogether.

Report The Sender To Your Carrier

You must know that Apple only focuses on texts (not iMessages) from known senders. If other methods did not save you from these annoying senders, you can always report them to your carrier. The reporting options are different for various carriers, and you will need to send the message to a unique number, email the carrier, or reach out to customer support.

For instance, are you an AT&T user? Send the text you wish to block to 7726 (SPAM). The carrier will then analyze it, and if everything goes smoothly, it will be blocked very soon.

Carrier Blocking Apps And Services

To avoid these annoying telemarketers and frustrating texters, several carriers offer a unique service or an application to block phone calls and SMSes. If you are finding it difficult to block SMSes on your iPhone, the applications below can help you:

Block Calls And Messages- Verizon

This safety feature from Verizon will cost you nothing and it helps you to avoid cyberbullying and unwanted texts. It lets you block 5 phone numbers for every line. The block will last for about 3 months and it can be renewed when the time limit elapses.

On top of that, Verizon provides “Usage Controls” which block 20 numbers with no time limit. Apart from texts, it will also aid you to block images, phone calls, and video messages from those numbers.

Message Blocking- T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s Message Blocking is a service that can be enabled through the T-Mobile application or My T-Mobile.

It costs nothing and it will let you block any messages, calls, or emails quickly. However, there are certain restrictions. For instance, you will not be able to block standard messages with shortcodes. These messages can be blocked with the iPhone’s native options.

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