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How To Fix Oppo A7 Flickering Screen Issue

Have you heard about Oppo A7? Oppo A7 is nothing order than a mid-range Android smartphone model that was first released in November 2018. It has a resolution of 720 x 1520 Pixels and makes use of dual rear cameras and a single 16MP Selfie Camera on the front and has a water drop style 6.2 inch IPS LCD Display. Below the hood, you will see a Snapdragon 450 processor which is paired with 4GB of RAM. For the fact that this is a solid performing device does not prevent it from having issues, at-times this phone develops some problem and one of the problems Oppo A7 normally have is flickering screen issue. We will be deliberate on it immensely in this article. So I will walk you through possible steps and precautions to eradicate this flickering screen issue.

How To Fix The Oppo A7 Flickering Screen Issue

I will advise you to make sure that your phone runs on the latest software version First before carrying out any troubleshooting steps listed below. Download and install an update if peradventure it is available, this will help to reduce the possibility of the problem been caused by the old software version.

Software Glitch is the primary reason your screen flickers; it could be that you installed an app causing the problem or maybe some corrupted data in the phone is making the screen flicker. In any case, in this article, we will concentrate on the troubleshooting efforts on the software side of the device.

Do A Soft Reset

I think the first thing to do is to refresh the phone software by doing a soft reset. Although the step is usually done on an unresponsive device, it should also work in this case. To do this:

  • Click and hold the Power key for up to 45 seconds.
  • Wait as the device restarts.

At this point, check if the screen still flickers if it does flicker then consider this troubleshooting step below.

Start The Phone In Safe Mode

Apps you download from Google Play Store can contribute immensely to this flickering screen issue, so if you want to check if the problem is caused By the app you installed from Google Play you have to start the phone in safe mode because it is only pre-installed apps that are allowed to run in this mode. To do this:

  1. Off your phone
  2. Press and hold the Power button firmly
  3. Release the power button and once you are releasing The power button hold Volume Down Key when you see the Oppo animation.
  4. Keep on holding the Volume Down Key until Safe Mode appears.

If on the safe mode, you realize that the screen did not flicker In this mode,  then have in mind that it is caused by an app you downloaded. Look for the app causing the problem and then uninstall it

To find out the app causing this problem, you have to do a trial and error method. You can start by uninstalling the recent app you download before the problem starts, uninstall it one after the other after uninstalling each one, check if the problem persists, if it does persist, uninstall another one until the issue stops, immediately it stops have in mind that it is the last app you uninstalled was causing the flickering screen issue.

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