How To Unblur A Picture On Your Android & iPhone/iPad

Blurred images are everywhere on the net, social media, and our Android and iPhone/iPad devices, and they help to keep sensitive parts of the image hidden. However, how can we unblur that blurred part of the photo when we want to see these sensitive parts? This tutorial can help.

The truth is that it is very simple to blur a picture than unblur it. Almost every application, including social media apps like WhatsApp, comes with a “blur” option to cover what you do not want others to see. However, if you need to get rid of the covered parts, another approach is needed.

For Windows and Mac owners, it is possible to easily unblur sensitive parts with editing tools such as Photoshop, but the process could be different when you try to unblur image on Android and iPhone. See How To Unblur A Picture On Your Android And iPhone/iPad:

Unblur Picture Android iPhone
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How Can I Unblur A Face In A Photo On Android?

It could be very tough for those who are not professional photographers to unblur where it’s blurred in an image. Not to worry, though, because, at times, your captured photos can be confused depending on your phone settings, most especially if you are using an Android or iOS device, rather than a digital camera. Let’s break it all down below:

How Can I Unblur Sensitive Parts On Windows Using Microsoft Paint?

  • Launch “Microsoft Paint” on your Windows computer.
  • Tap File > Open and choose the picture you wish to unblur.
  • Click the “Lauer > duplicate button” to be able to create a layer that will be used with the layer mask.
  • Click “Adjust” to access a new window.
  • To adjust the image, work on the photo “clipping,” “radius,” and “strength.” The settings of these options will vary depending on the level of the blurred picture you wish to unblur. A lot of times, it is best to set the radius to 2 or 3 and strength to 100 for amazing results.
  • Continue adjusting the settings until the blurred part begins to get visible. When you see it clearly, click “OK” to save changes.
  • For your preferred sharpness, adjust “Opacity” to 60 or 70 for the best result.
  • If you wish to create an unblurred image, head to “Merge,>> layer selection” and repeat it on “Merge all Flatten” to produce the photo without the blur part.

How Can I Unblur A Picture On Android And iPhone/iPad Using Snapseed?

  • Get the Snapseed application for Android & iPhone/iPad downloaded and installed.
  • Open the application on your phone.
  • Upload the pictures with a blurred part.
  • Click Options and choose “Unblur/Sharpen.”
  • Choose “Structure > Shore more details.

With this application, you can unblock blurry parts of a photo and boost the image sharpness and quality.

Unblur Picture Android iPhone
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How Can I Unblur A Picture On iPhone Using Focos?

  • Open the “Focos” application.
  • Choose the photo/picture with a blurred part.
  • Make adjustments to the focus using the slider until you are happy with the result.
  • Make adjustments to the contrast between far intensity and near intensity for the best result.
  • Done.

That is that.

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