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How Can I Show My Android Phone WiFi Password?

Do you think unbreakable passwords exist and so prefer to not note them down? Having a great memory can make that light work. But how about if a friend comes visiting and desires to use the Wi-Fi? Not remembering this type of key information when you need it the most is actually possible.

A major thing that Android phones do not have is the ability to display your Wi-Fi passwords. Even if they are saved on your phone, displaying the characters is not as simple as it on Windows. Definitely, it is not impossible, you just have to know your way around it.

Pro Tip

It does not matter the way and manner you decide to use to unveil the password you end up using, two things will always be constant. The fields SSID and psk are in charge of displaying the network name and the password.

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ES File Explorer

With ES File Explorer, root access can be evaded. The disadvantage is that not every Android phone will support this function and it is still confusing to know the OS versions that support it. However, the method is not complicated, so attempt it before doing something much more complex.

  1. Open ES File Explorer.
  2. Choose Local Storage.
  3. Choose Device.
  4. In the System menu, select WiFi.
  5. Find and open the “wpa_supplicant.conf” file.

You can make use of either the HTML or text file viewer to access the file. In the configuration file, a list of every password for Wi-Fi networks linked to your Android device or tab will be visible.

Since not all phones come with the ES File Explorer pre-installed, downloading it from the Google Play Store is wise and free.

Wi-Fi Key Recovery

Another app you do not pay for. It can be gotten from the Google Play. As soon as it installed, you can take advantage of your root access and go through the saved passwords on your phone.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click Grant when you are requested for Superuser access.
  3. Check out the list of the desired passwords.

You can utilize the SSID Quicksearch bar to find the network of your choice. This aids you if you plan to reconnect to an older saved network, and the list is too lengthy and stressful to scroll through.

Do not forget that Wi-Fi Key Recovery functions on rooted devices and tabs but will not root your phone for you. So before going for it, root access must be achieved.

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What Is Root Access?

Root access on an Android phone is simply equal to jailbreak on an iPhone. It gets rid of the lock on the OS and grants you complete control, meaning you are allowed to uninstall system apps, alter the firmware and so on. You are even allowed the overclock the processor plus it functions on mobile devices and tab as well, not only personal computers.

It gives you the permission to access to edit all the files found in the /data and /system partitions, which is usually not possible for you to do.

Getting root access is legal even if it sounds suspicious. It will get rid of your warranty though, which is the reason several people stay away. Also, rooting a phone can make make your system unstable, even if you will not get to the extent of changing any of the system files.

But having this kind of access lets you check out specific information, like passwords from saved networks.

How You Can Enable Root Access?

Several people do it via a 3rd party app. There are some that that do not cost you money and will unlock your OS with two clicks. Although, Android OS versions are getting more difficult to break into.

This is why recommending 3rd-party apps is hard. What functioned seamlessly in 2024 might not work in 2024, and what worked brilliantly in 2016 might work in 2024 after an app update.

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